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Communicate with Your Pets

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Animal Communication is widely recognized by rescues and humane societies all over the world as a means to understand an animal’s perceptions. Mental energy is transferred between animal and communicator, mind-to-mind. Physical distance is irrelevant to the process. Information is related in pictures, words, emotions and physical sensations.

-Have you ever thought that your pet is trying to tell you something but you're not sure what?
-Do you want to know what more you can do for them or understand their behaviors?
-Are you curious if they’re feeling okay?
-For those rescued animals, do you want to know what their life was like before they came to you?

Animals are very much like us. They have the same emotions; fear, love, anger, happiness, sorrow, grief, etc. They are also full of wisdom and have a lot to teach us about unconditional love, forgiveness and living in the moment. It’s my hope that I will have the opportunity to share some of your pet’s wisdom and love with you. I offer one-on-one readings (on the phone or in person) or many clients really enjoy having a few friends over and hosting an Animal Communication party.

An Animal Communication party is a great way to get together with other animal friends, neighbors or co-workers for a lot of laughs and insight into their furry friend’s personality. You’ll get a glimpse into what on your pet’s mind and discover how they see the world.

It is such a fun and entertaining way to spend a few hours and you’ll leave the party with a better understanding of your pet’s behaviors, personality or a little about their past.

*How it Works:
With a minimum of 10 guests (higher minimum for outside the area) each guest signs-up with the host ahead of time for a 15min reading. The cost is $40. During the 15min reading we’ll answer a couple questions, open up the dialog to hear what’s on your pet’s mind or let them know what’s on your mind. Either way, you’ll probably leave the reading with a strong desire to communicate with your pet more and have a better understanding of their individual personality.

In addition to parties for private clients, I’ve also done quite a few parties for animal rescues. The rescue invites their foster moms and dads who may not know a lot about the rescued animal’s past. A 15min reading can help tremendously with understanding the animal’s past and shed light on current behaviors. With an understanding of why the animal is doing what they’re doing, you can better work with them on the unwanted behavior and move forward with minimizing or stopping it. This can make it much easier to place the animal in their forever home.

By giving your pet the opportunity to have a voice, you’ll find an immediate deepening of your relationship with each other and a new level of understanding. Very often you’ll see positive changes right away and an overall happier pet and human companion!

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