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Making the Most of Your Dog

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This article was written to help dog owners get the best possible experiences with their pet simply by understanding more about its behavior and needs.

If youre thinking of buying or adopting a dog, it is important to research one that suits your liking and personality. You can find detailed information on the different breeds of dogs by running a search on the internet. Even if you already own a dog, it is helpful and beneficial to learn more about your breed of dog. Some of the most common domesticated dogs include the Labrador, German Shepherd, Boxer, Rotweiller, Poodle, Dachshund and Beagle.

In order for you have the most fun, intimate and enjoyable experiences with your dog, training needs to be a vital part of the big picture. A dog is very similar to a child in the sense that "what you put in is what you get out". It is therefore no wonder that so many clued-in people invest hours upon hours of professional training into their beloved pup. Remember, your dog is like a member of your family, you want to be proud of him or her.

Imagine the immense pleasure it brings to show the world how understanding and obedient your dog is to you. It stands, sits, and shakes your hand...all at your beck and command.

A very simple training tactic many professional dog trainers will tell you (or not tell you) about is making your puppy sit right before you feed it. Raise the bowl into the air and say sit in a calm and collected manner. Of course, your dog's natural instinct would be to jump for the food. But with persistence and a little hint by pressing it gently down on its rear, your dog will soon learn the "sit" command as well as the importance of the sit command!

You're probably wondering...what are the best possible options for getting your dog properly and effectively trained? Should you turn it over to a professional trainer? Or should you do it yourself? That depends on your schedule, lifestyle, and frankly, likes and dislikes. If you choose to do it yourself, the rewards are truly enormous. There is a wealth of education and experience to gain in the process...the kind that will benefit you for years to come--and which family and friends will respect and admire you for.

And yes, the internet offers a profusion of resources right at your fingertips on how to train your dog, how to feed your dog, health issues etc. Because competition is fierce between information publishers on this and other subjects, you, the consumer, are put at a tremendous advantage and valuable information is provided in many instances free of charge. With the hundreds of dog training publishers clamoring for a share of the market, if you do decide to buy one, you're getting a bang for your buck and your dog will love you for it.