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Furbaby Heroes - Part 1

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Animals never cease to amaze me. If you ever get into trouble, I hope you have a furbaby companion has smart as some of the ones highligted in this article.

Animal lovers are not disappointed to see more and more dogs making the news!

Not long ago, we were amazed to hear of a German- Shepherd mix who limped his way to an emergency room waiting room, after being hit by a car on a busy Los Angeles road. The guards tried to remove him, but he lay down and stayed put. They then realized he was hurt. They were unable to help him, but called a Veterinarian抯 office immediately. The viewers were then overjoyed and relieved to hear that the clever animal was treated, and survived his injuries ?thanks to his mysterious knowledge of where to and how to get to the place where help awaited.

Another German shepherd mix made not only the news, but also medical history when he received a pacemaker, compliments of Dorothea Edwards. When eighty-year-old, Dorothea died, she left instructions for her pacemaker to be donated to a dog in need. Although person-to-person pacemaker donations are prohibited, there抯 no such law for human to animal donations.

Sunshine, a 9- ?year old Shepherd, who has a hard- luck history with surgery after surgery to try and repair his pacemaker. The last surgery Sunshine had, she went into cardiac arrest ?what would have normally been a sad outcome turned into a happy occasion, as they replaced Sunshine抯 troubled, older model pacemaker, with Ms. Edward抯 state-of-the-art pacemaker.

After the procedure, Sunshine was back to her happy self, with more energy than she had had in a long time.

A wonderful suggestion for animal lovers everywhere: If you are in need of a pacemaker for your beloved animal, you should contact the funeral homes for pacemakers of those recently cremated. (Information obtained from 揟he Scoop?Internet news).

Animal stories that baffle the mind can be found all over the world; In Liverpool, a devoted pooch name Scamp, arrived at the hospital just one minute after the ambulance zoomed away with his owner who was having an asthma attack. He was spotted outside the hospital doors, with tags that revealed his owner, who was just wheeled inside.

In Ocoee, Florida, 揃elle?an English Beatle has been trained for nine months to tell if his owner抯 blood sugar level is at dangerous levels. She does this by sniffing his nose. If she smells 搆etones,?a sweet smell, she抣l alert him of the danger by scratching his leg. If there is an emergency with her owner, she has been trained to dial 911 by pressing a single digit on her owner抯 cell phone that has been pre-programmed to call 911.

When Belle抯 owner, Mr. Weaver suffered a severe hypoglycemic attack and collapsed on the floor. Belle dialed 911 and incessantly barked into the phone at emergency dispatch. When the ambulance arrived and put Mr. Weaver in the back of the ambulance, Belle was right by his side, and rode in the back to the hospital.

Mr. Weaver says he does not believe he would still be alive today if it weren抰 for his best friend, Belle.

Belle was honored, by being awarded the Eli Lilly, 揕illy for Life?award in Indianapolis. She is the first non-human to receive this prestigious award.

And the mind baffling stories do not end- to much of our delight we could spend a whole afternoon reading about these non-human heroes and that would be just scratching the surface. Do you have an amazing animal story to share? If you do, find an animal site on the internet and submit your story for publication. There's many of animal lovers who would dearly enjoy hearing your story!