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Dog Holiday Safety Issues to Consider

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Holiday safety for pets is a consideration since there are dangers in your home that would not normally be there. Here are some reminders to keep your home pet safe?for the festive season...

Holiday safety - it is a joyous and busy time of the year but there are many potential dangers for our furry friends. To enjoy a happy and safe festive season here are some considerations and reminders to make your home pet safe...

Dog Safety for the Holidays

1) Trees are a great temptation for our pet doggy to chew on, keep them secured to prevent accidents. Ornaments on the tree should be kept out of your pet's reach. Broken glass, ribbons and bows can lead to serious injury if ingested. Additionally, tinsel and wrapping paper may look like fun toys but can cause choking.

2) You certainly do not want your best friend chewing or tripping on electrical cords; tape them to the floor and wall.

3) Dogs are attracted to light and with fireplaces going and lit candles all about; we need to be vigilant about the hot wax and sparks with our pets around.

Holiday Safety - Plants and Products That Pose Dangers for Your Dog...

1) Snow Globes - many contain harmful antifreeze.

2) Artificial snow is toxic.

3) Holly and poinsettias contain toxins and could cause skin, mouth and eye irritation or stomach problems if ingested.

4) A small amount of Yew is toxic and fatal.

5) Ingesting Mistletoe could bring about vomiting, swelling of the throat and mouth and a drop in blood pressure.

6) A small amount of antifreeze could be fatal, quickly remove any spills.

Safe Chew Toys

Dogs love to play with toys particularly chew toys. Some dogs will chew them to death. Many of these toys are made from de-isononyl phthalate (DINP) which if ingested by pets, tests results have shown, liver and kidney damage and in some cases cancer. (DINP) is used to make hard PVC plastic flexible and soft. A better and safer alternative when shopping for chew toys are the ones made of latex or rubber. They are also more environmentally friendly.

燞oliday Food to Watch for

Chocolate is toxic to dogs and so are macadamia nuts. Choose healthy holiday treats for your dog and give them in moderation.

Keep holiday safety in mind but the best gift that you can give your four legged friend is some relaxed quality time, which will get the big bark of approval.