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Extend the Life of Your Pet

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Pets, much like humans, require proper nutrition and exercise to maintain a healthy body and live a long life. Ensuring that your pet gets enough exercise and has a proper diet can increase its life...

Pets, much like humans, require proper nutrition and exercise to maintain a healthy body and live a long life. Ensuring that your pet gets enough exercise and has a proper diet can increase its life span up to 134%. Also, many pet owners don't understand the specific needs of their pets or recognize that different pets have different needs. The diet and exercise needs of most animals are similar, but each has specific things that can help it live longer.


Cats are probably one of the easiest pets to maintain and have high life expectancies by nature. For cats, it all comes down to a healthy diet and exercise. Following these steps is an easy way to keep your cat happy and healthy longer. When feeding your cat, be sure to use a stainless steel bowl versus a plastic or crematic model as these may get scratched and harbor bacteria. Most cats enjoy the thick texture of wet food and it can be higher in nutrition than the dryer options. However, don't leave wet cat food in the dish for too long as it can spoil. Dry food is also a good option as it helps prevent the build up of plaque and tartar and is less expensive. A clean water bowl is crucial for cats, especially those feed dry food as they need more water. Make sure to change the water twice a day and clean the bowl regularly to prevent bacteria build up. Cats are playful by nature, so toys are crucial for their entertainment. The last and most important factor for cats is vaccinations, particularly for outdoor cats that are exposed to more diseases.


Much like cats, dogs are easy to maintain with a good diet but most pet owners forget the importance of dental hygiene in dogs. Plaque and tartar build up can get into the blood stream via bleedings gum and cause other problems in your dogs blood stream. Also, dogs over 3yrs old have an 85% chance of getting gum disease and good oral hygiene can add up to 4 years to your dogs life. Using treats that contain Microdent can help prevent oral build up in dogs 35-54%. The proper diet can greatly affect the health of your dog so avoid food that contain corn as it is one of the most common allergies in dogs. Also, many dog foods use soy, rice and wheat as fillers decreasing the nutritional value of your dog food so make sure your dog food is not too starch heavy. Starch heavy foods can cause dogs to gain too much weight which can lead to joint pain. Another way to help prevent joint pain is by allowing you dog to get adequate exercise which also helps keep them lean.


Birds are a little more high maintenance so owners should be sure they have the time to properly care for a bird before purchasing one. One of the most important factors for bird health is adequate exposure to natural sunlight as they need it to produce vitamin D. Choosing the right food for your bird is also important and finding a breed specific brand is fairly easy. Also, make sure to supplement your birds diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts to add variety and nutrition. It is also important for birds to bathe regularly to promote skin and feather health. Some birds prefer a bowl of water while other like mist, which can be made by using a spray bottle. Covering your birds cage at night helps them retain an even temperature as well as block out light that may disturb their sleep. Birds are by nature social creatures so allowing ample out of cage time is crucial to there happiness. Also, choosing a cage that allows them to exercise and fly small distances is important. Lastly, providing your bird with cage toys is entertaining for them and helps keep them happy.


The average lifespan of a hamster is 18-24 months so anything you can do to increase this number is helpful. The biggest mistake many owners make with hamsters is the type of bedding they buy for the cage. Don't buy fluffy bedding as the small particles that break off can choke the hamster. Pine and cedar chips have strong aromas and can cause respiratory problems so avoid those as well. Paper towels, cardboard and hay torn into small strips works best for most hamsters just be sure if you are using hay that it is clean and dry. Also, make sure the cage you are using has good ventilation and that you clean it often to prevent disease. Choosing the right equipment for the cage is important because not all toys and tunnels fit all hamsters. Multiple levels and tunnels can be hard to clean and don't fit all hamsters so be sure to buy equipment with your pet in mind. A good water bottle keeps you pet hydrated so be sure to use a high quality bottle that won't leak. The second biggest mistake owners make is buying a wire wheel. Always buy a wheel that is solid as it is easier to use and prevents the hamster from injuring its tiny feet. When feeding your hamster pellets will meet most nutritional needs but don't offer variety so be sure to supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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