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Fido and Fashion - Dogs Want to be Trendy, Also

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Dogs are spiritual beings in fur suits.?We have created these domesticated creatures and are responsible for their comfort, health and happiness.

Fido and Fashion...I never thought the words dog and fashion would go together, but it is 2010 and all you need to do is stroll through Petsmart to realize that dogs have come a long way, and rightly so.

Why in the world would you buy your precious pooch a primary red or blue colored collar (blah!) when you can adorn your little princess in rhinestones and trendy colors.?I never thought that I would dress my dogs in a fleece jacket, but lo and behold, a few years back a close friend gave my two darlings (both are around 70lbs) plaid fleece jackets, which I proudly strutted them through the neighborhood in.?I'm not sure if they were chilled or I was chilled for them, but they looked good!

This is quite ironic because I lived in Montana for many years and the thought of dressing my furkids in clothing was never considered.?Tish and Tana (a lab mix and standard poodle) seemed very content running in the snow buck-naked!?Well, I guess not entirely, they did have on their birthday fur suits. That was then and this is now.

I think as I get older I appreciate more and more the companionship my furry critters give me.?And, therefore, their comfort is an exremely high priority for me.?We have created such domesticated creatures, it is our responsibility to maintain their comfort and happiness.

O.K., to this statement some people would reply, but營t's Just a Dog.

燗nd to that statement I reply, as quoted by Vi Putnam, "The entire sum of existence is the magic of being needed by just one person."?And, of course, by "person", I am referring to my dogs.

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