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Why Should I Bother Worming my Horse?

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Horses and ponies need to be wormed regularly. Like many animals, equines carry worms in their gut and if they are not wormed at regular intervals, the parasites build up and eventually cause health problems. Thankfully all of the main brands of horse wormers, including Equimax and Equest wormers, are readily available from vets, equine stores and online pharmacies, so if you own a horse or pony, you really have no excuse not to administer wormers regularly! The following information will hopefully explain to you why it is vital to worm your horse on a regular basis.

How Does Restricted Grazing Lead to a Worm Infestation?

Many owners do not have access to large areas of grazing for their animals. This in itself is not a problem as long as the animals have enough to eat. However, when horses and ponies are kept on restricted grazing, the paddock quickly becomes contaminated with worm eggs passed out in the droppings and each time the horse grazes, eggs are repeatedly ingested, which over time can cause problems.

What Happens if I Don’t Bother to Worm My Pony?

An effective worming problem is the best way to control worms in horses and ponies and animal wormers including the Equest year pack, Equimax horse wormer, Drontal wormers and other brands are readily available online. Failure to buy wormers online could cause your horse to lose weight since the worms will suck out a lot of the nutrients he is taking in. Worm infested horses and ponies are more susceptible to colic, which can be a serious and life threatening condition. Animals can also die from severe worm infestations in the very worst cases, which is the last thing any horse owner wants. If in doubt, check with your vet for the latest horse wormer’s advice.

Do All Horses Grazing the Same Land Need to be wormed?

There is little point in worming your own animals if nobody else bothers worming theirs, so if you share grazing with other owners or keep your horses at a livery yard, check to see if there is an existing Equest worming plan in place. If there is, start your Equest worming in line with everyone else, and if there isn’t, talk to the other owners and make it your mission to educate them about the importance of horse worming.

Should Droppings Be Removed From the Grazing?

Regular removal of droppings in conjunction with an effective horse wormers schedule will help to keep the equine worm population in check. Droppings should be manually collected on a daily basis, particularly if there are a large number of horses on a small area of grazing. Leaving droppings lying around could lead to a worm infestation, especially if your horse remains in the same field all year round.

Horses and other animals need worming on a regular basis to prevent unwelcome health issues such as colic and weight loss. Popular products such asequest wormer can be used to treat red worms, bots and lung worms and should be included in a regular worming schedule.