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Fun Dog Clothes for Fido

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If you are looking to keep your precious pooch cozy and stylish this winter, you're in luck. Dog clothes and trendy pet apparel is all the rage with designers bringing new styles and irresistible fashions to the animal kingdom.

Dressing dogs in cozy sweaters has been a trait of dog lovers for sometime, but the trend swing into full gear as celebrities pamper their four legged friends as well as they dress themselves.?From Tinkerbell, Daisy and Bambi to Honey Child and Cleopatra, we've seen Paris, Nicole and Jessica tote their pups in everything from sunglasses and dresses to sweaters and the most adorable shoes.?

As a shopaholic, it is easy to understand the draw to dog clothes and pet apparel.?If you think baby clothes are cute, nothing is more adorable than little hoodies or dresses for dogs.?These designer dog clothes bring creativity, fashion and humor to light leaving everyone who crosses your pets path feeling giddy.?Love it or hate it, there could be worse things to spend your money on than threads for Fido, but few things bring a smile to so many people.?

You can find formal attire, casual clothes, costumes and themed clothing in for dogs of all sizes. Whether you want to show off your spoiled puppies or your looking to protect them from the elements, there are tons of clothes to build your dogs wardrobe.?Is your pooch dainty and delicate or rugged and roudy??Princess dresses or hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts and pajamas are available in just about every personality you can imagine.?From rock to jock, ballerina to brainiac, you can find the style that best fits you and your pet.?

There are lots of fun styles and hilarious designs you can choose from to dress your dog to the nines or share your passions and favorite pastimes with your dog.?My favorite are the skull and cross bones tank for my dog.?I have one similar for my daughter and the when the two are dressed in the matching tanks, it makes a stroll through the neighborhood or a ride to the grocery store more enjoyable.?My daughter loves it and I have to admit, it keeps her entertained, and people we pass smile with amusement.?Some people don't understand spending money on something like dog clothes, but my philosophy is if it makes you happy, others smile and doesn't break the bank, why not??If you're looking for unique pet apparel or designer dog clothes, one of my favorite sites has a hilarious inventory.? carries brands with names like Barktoria's Secret, Kate Spayed and Chewy Vuiton making shopping for dog clothes just as fun as playing dress up with my dogs.?

So the next time you're frustrated because you couldn't find that cute dress in your size or the purse you want is out of your budget, consider picking up a new outfit for your furry friend and you'll probably spend less and enjoy it more.