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What to do if the bird stays bristled up

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Your budgies has been bristled up for several days, shivers, its
beaks grows and curves…..

The reason fro your budgie’s problem is the lack of vitamins and

As a beginning take it to the vet to cut the growths and to file
away the curved beak. Don’t try to do this yourself – it should
be executed by a specialist.

The next step is to buy a crayon with vitamins and minerals for
it from the zoo shop. You also have to provide pine-tree twigs
for it to gnaw. When there is no crayon you can replace it with
chalk. It is absolutely necessary for the birds.

However you have to estimate whether the bristling up and the
shivering don’t come because of having cold. This can be
estimated when examining its faecals. If the bird has a cold
they will be either very dark or very light than normal. If
these symptoms exist you should apply the following treatment:

Take one capsule tetraulean / from the chemist’s /. Open it.
Take some powder from the capsule on the point of a small knife.
Dissolve this very small dose into 1-2 drops of water. After
that open the beak and pour the liquid carefully inside with a

The treatment should be applied for 3 days most. After that the
faecals will obtain their normal kind.

Be careful not to overdose the tetraulean.

Except for that even if the parrot has no cold you should
compulsory buy vitamins for it from the zoo shop. Another reason
for this condition of the feathery creature can be starvation
because with a deformed beak it is most probable that the bird
can’t eat millet. And only vegetables and fruit is not enough.

Give bread to your budgies as they like it a lot. Do not keep
them in a very cold or very hot place. Let the temperature be
normal. Budgies don’t like humidity and draughts. This could
also be a reason for deformations. And if it is possible let
them fly at least a little.