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Puppy and Kitty Care

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It’s important to have the right pet supplies and knowledge for proper puppy care and kitty care. Just as a child’s body is different from an adult’s, a dog’s or cat’s body is very different when it’s young. A young pet has special nutritional, physical and even mental needs, so a responsible owner must have the pet supplies needed before the little one joins the family.

During their first year, the most important pet supply to have on hand is food. It’s well known that puppies and kittens burn calories and protein at a much higher rate than adults because of their accelerated growth. The reason why they have this accelerated growth is because it served their ancestors well in the wild. Back then, a young pup or cub would be easy prey, so they had to mature quickly and have offspring of their own to propagate the species. Make sure to buy from a reputable quality pet supply store and get the food that’s made specifically for puppies and kittens.

Aside from food, the other pet supplies that are a necessity are dog toys and cat toys. In addition to physical growth, puppies and kittens learn things during their first year that stay with them for life.
The first year is crucial in molding a cat’s or dog’s behavior, so it’s important to interact with them. One of the best ways to interact with them is through playtime. Playing is good exercise for them (and you), and it teaches them that humans are friends and companions. Sadly, those pets abused during this time are often scarred for life, and have serious trust issues. Whatever pet toy you get, make sure it’s not too small so that they won’t swallow it. For puppies, a Kong dog toy is a good investment because it’s durable and won’t mess up your house. Playing “tug-o-war” with a rope puppy toy is a good way to build their strength and confidence, too. For kittens, try a cat toy with bright colors. It’s important to get cat toys that will safely satisfy their natural curiosity.

Since house breaking and litter box training are essential, the proper pet supplies for this need to be on hand from day one. Get a small dog crate and hold your puppy in it overnight and for periods when you can’t watch them. They instinctively don’t want to go in their own area, so you can use that to your advantage. Take them straight from the dog crate to outside, and they’ll eventually get the idea. For cats, be sure to get a quality litter box and give your cat their own space. Cats naturally want to dig when they eliminate, so just keep showing them the litter box after they eat. It might be a good idea to get a small pet crate for your cat as well if you plan on traveling with him or her. An extra safety tip for cat owners is to keep cats away from the dryer machine. Cats like being in cozy, closed off places, and they will jump in the dryer when your not looking, which can lead to disaster. With these pet supplies and the proper care, any puppy or kitten will grow to be a happy and healthy pet.

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