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How To Turn A Dog Poster Into A Work Of Art!

28 17:01:08

I know what you must be thinking. A dog poster? A work of art?

When we think of the word, ‘poster,’ most of us imagine a garish, wrinkled picture with tattered corners and torn edges, scotch-taped to the back of teen-ager’s bedroom door or a college student’s dormitory wall. Certainly, not a Van Gogh by any definition!

However, with all the great framing and laminating options available today, it is possible to turn your favorite dog or puppy print into a masterpiece that any dog lover would be proud to display!

A great option for protecting and displaying your dog prints is wood-mounting. Laminated, wood-mounted posters or prints are chic, appealing and appropriate in any surroundings!

When you choose to have your dog poster wood-mounted, it is fastened to a 3/8 inch wood fiber board and then laminated with an ultraviolet filtering film. This film insulates your dog poster or print from dirt, moisture, fingerprints and other potentially damaging elements.

Your wood-mounted dog poster is then trimmed, beveled and finished in black to create a beautiful, elegant piece of art!

Wood-mounting is available for most posters up to a certain size. If wood-mounting is not available for your preferred size dog poster, you can choose to have it laminated which will extend the life of the print.

The next time you’re shopping online for a new dog or puppy poster to adorn your wall, take the time to consider your framing options. It might cost a little more to have your poster framed, mounted or matted, but the final result will be worth it. You’ll have a stylish, attractive, well-preserved work of art that you’ll be proud to display on any wall in your home!

You can find a wonderful assortment of pictures of dogs and pictures of puppies that you can wood mount, frame and laminate at: