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Do We Need Proof That Humans Are Better Than Animals

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Many believe that humans are more than just a cut above animals; in fact they believe humans are so special that they are indeed divine. Who makes these claims; Humans of course and it makes sense. But if your dog could talk he would say you are nothing more than a two-legged dog and really you are not worth much more than dog crap as far as he is concerned. When was the last time you took him to the park to play Frisbee?

Do we need proof that Humans are better than Animals? Should we do a study? A survey or simply ask the other species what they think of all our BS? We already know what your dog thinks now and the pigeons made it pretty clear on your car this morning?

Actually you know, personally I am quite satisfied with my observations that Humans are Animals and in all my years of observing humans and their behavior and tracing back the causes, I see nothing uniquely different from “most” all of them. Although during my life experience I have indeed met some standouts, which seemed quite ahead of the game; that is to say the observational average human in society and their cognitive abilities.

In the end humans are merely animals, no better no worse, except maybe if you are the environment, then of course from your perspective humans suck and big time. Should we let humans do a study to determine if humans are better than animals and deserving of their own category? If so who should we let do the study; certainly not humans after all you cannot trust them like you can trust your dog’s honest opinion of the situation. Consider this in 2006.

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