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Is Pet Medical Insurance Right For You?

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Is Pet Medical Insurance Right For You?

Pet medical insurance has been around for some time, but has just started gaining momentum in a world where costs for everything are sky rocketing. Fairly recently pet insurance has become inexpensive enough for the average household income. Breeders and owners of show dogs were the ones who needed medical insurance for their pets.

Not only has pet medical insurance become more affordable, but is no longer a one-size-fits all plan. These polices now come in a many different kinds of packages that you can choose from that will best suit your needs as well as your pets. With so many different packages available it is vital that you obtain several quotes from different companies to find the one that best suits your needs.

Some Common Information

Pet medical insurance mirrors medical insurance for humans in that there are co-pays, premiums, a clause for pre-existing conditions and varying plan levels. Usually these plans are based on the life your pet leads. For example, if they are an indoor or outdoor pet, age, species and how your house is pet proofed, meaning if you have a fenced in yard.

Pet medical insurance is usually available to your pet after a "wearing" stage. This "wearing" stage usually last six to eight weeks for dogs or cats. If the pet is adopted from a shelter the waiting period may be longer depending on the companies rules and regulations.

Basic Company Polices

Before obtaining quotes for coverage it is important to decide suits your needs when it comes to the type of coverage. The plans will range from covering vaccines and prescriptions to flea control and heartworm treatments. Some companies may add "riders", or additional coverage to include dental care, micro chipping and even spay and neutering.

A discount may be applied if you are purchasing coverage for more than one animal. Discounts may also be applied for pet supplies, pet food and other services as a compliment from some companies. There are many factors that play a role in pet medical insurance, but for the most part the prices range from $7.00 - $80.00 depending on the pet and the coverage.