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Abandoned Foreclosure Pets Silent Victims

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When the mess in the housing and mortgage industries erupted, the number of foreclosures was not the only one that increased. There was also a significant rise in the number of abandoned foreclosure pets. But unlike their human counterpart, these animals are left to fend for themselves.

Why Owners Leave Pets Behind

There are many reasons why there are plenty of abandoned pets. The obvious reason is that the homeowners were too distraught about the foreclosure that they failed to think of their pets when they left their homes. Sadly, a lot of the animals pass away because of dehydration and hunger.

On the other hand, there are those who are unable to bring their pets with them because the place they will be moving in to prohibit pets. But instead of leaving them behind, some of the owners bring the animals to the nearest animal shelter. It is thus not surprising why a lot of these shelters are currently overflowing with abandoned foreclosure pets.

What You Can Do

Since the plight of these poor animals is quite sad, a lot of animal right advocates are asking homeowners to find another home for their pets instead of just abandoning them. Neighbors are also being asked to get involved.

For example, if you know of a family in your neighborhood whose home has been foreclosed, you can always inquire about the fate of their pets, if they have any. If they are planning on simply leaving them, you might want to suggest that they take their pets to the shelter or even volunteer your time.

Although it may seem that the problem with these abandoned foreclosure pets is simply finding them new homes, you might want to think about how it affects the community. Some of the animals run wild and could easily cause harm or be harmed themselves. The animals can also discourage people from moving into the neighborhood, affecting home market values.