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Having To Say Goodbye

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Loosing a pet is a horrifying experience. Not one word can describe the feeling of loss and grief associated with having to say goodbye forever to your pet. But those who have managed to go through this experience state that there are ways to ease the pain.

- Allow time to pass: In order to accept the inevitable, your mind needs some time to deal with the stress of having to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Whether your pet died from natural or unnatural causes you have to allow some time to pass and heal.

- Talk to people: Do not keep everything locked inside. Find the courage to speak about your feelings of loss to friends and relatives, or consider joining a therapy group. People that have gone through this experience and managed to reestablish their life's balance believe in the healing process of expressing your emotions. Do not for one moment feel embarrassed or that you annoy people with your mourning mind-set. It is perfectly normal to converse your sorrow. By talking about them, you will find comfort not only because people may be able to state the words you need to listen, but because you will realize that they are there to listen and support you.

- Have a closure: Some people that have lost their pets believe that it is important for someone to experience some kind of closure. Saying goodbye to those we love is tremendously hard. By scheduling a day to mourn your pet, you will be able to cope with its loss easier. When the sadness you feel is expressed, the healing process begins. Do not get discouraged if others think this is a bad idea. The important thing is to do what you believe is good for you.

- Invest in a hobby: Although you might consider this as a weird idea, experts state that it is crucial for the mourner to find some time to find a new interest. By allocating the excess energy to something that pleases-even temporarily-the person that suffers, instead of turning against oneself, the mourner will discover a new path though which he or she can expedite the healing process. For instance, buy a canvas and some brushes and begin painting. Select a destination you have never visited and travel. If you always wanted to learn a music instrument, this might be the time to begin. In general, do not allow the feelings of guilt and resentment affect your life's choices. Death is part of life; accept it, cherish the moments you shared with your pet and try to move on. It might seem impossible, but your pet would want you to try to be happy again.