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The Secret of a Happy Ferret - lots of play time

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Do you have at least 3 hours a day free for supervised out of the cage "ferret play time," and additional time for grooming and cage cleanings? This is what you will need to have a truly happy fuzzball. From a ferret抯 point of view, the more playtime the better.

Play for a ferret will often involve hide-and-seek games, or some form of predator/prey game in which either the human attempts to catch the ferret or the ferret to catch the human.

Ferrets are social animals and need company and someone to play with when you are out; they can suffer from depression you know. So think about getting two ferrets, rather than one. That way they can tumble and play when you are not in.

Sometimes their play will appear quite rough. Ferrets establish their dominance by play fighting, and the winner will grab the other by the neck and drag them across the floor, however ferrets are very social and love the company of another ferret.

Ferrets are good jumpers, and many owners find that interactive cat toys such as a "kitty teaser," a simple wire or plastic-string toy with a securely attached feather or other object, bring out the gymnastic abilities of their fuzzballs.

You can also get the ferret Kong. It is a rubber toy that you fill with peanut butter, or another yummy mixture and your ferret can roll around trying to get the food out.

Ferrets are loyal, playful, intelligent, affectionate, and full of hilarious antics. They can easily help chase the blues away after a hard day. Ferrets can also learn to come when you call them, respond to "squeaky" toys and perform simple tricks (rolling over, standing up for a treat etc. Ferrets are very persistent, intelligent and curious animals who will try to get into everything-- especially things they are not supposed to. Many ferrets like to chase their human's feet and nip at ankles.

After playtime ferret抯 love to snuggle in a comfy hammock, or fleecy tunnel.

If your ferret is going to spend a lot of time in the cage, a larger cage with ramps and tunnels should be purchased.

It is recommended that you spend a good hour of your pet's playtime interacting with him.

And please remember no pet should be acquired UNLESS you are going to take on the full responsibility of owning and caring for them for life.