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Puppy Training Techniques ?How To Train A Dog The Right Way

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When it comes to housebreaking a new puppy, many people simply do not know what to do. With so many techniques out there, it can be very easy to become confused about which method is the best. There are three main types of training that is used for house training. There is paper training, litter box training, and crate training. To figure out which is truly the best option for you, it is important to make sure that you are looking over all of your options.

Paper Training

Paper training is the training method that a lot of people first turn to but few stick with. Paper training can be a messy job, even after the dog has got the hang of it. Start with a puppy pee pad that is scented in order to attract the dog to it. Place the pee pad in the area that you want to designate as the dog's bathroom area. You may luck out on your dog may be attracted to the paper right away.

If you find however that your puppy is not naturally attracted to the paper, you will want to make sure that you are leading it in the right direction. As soon as you see your puppy starting to use the bathroom, make sure to pick it up and take it to the pee pad. If the puppy finishes there or simply goes there on its own, make sure that you reward the puppy with a treat or a lot of affection. This is a training process that may take a lot of puppies a while to catch onto.

Litter Box Training

Even though most people assume that litter box training is something that is strictly for cats, they would be wrong. This is perfect for puppies that are going to remain small, such as toy-sized dogs. The litter boxes that have the lid on the top give your dog privacy and also allow the mess to be kept out of sight. This is especially important for when guests come over.

The concept works the same as paper training the dog. Just make sure that you are praising your dog a lot whenever it goes in the right spot. This is to help make sure that the correct behavior is reinforced. Over time, the dog will catch on and the potty training phase will be over.

Crate Training

This is by far the most effective and yet the most misunderstood form of housebreaking a dog. The crate, when used properly, is a wonderful tool and can help your puppy learn the house rules faster then any other method. And since the sooner your puppy learns the rules of the house the sooner you can relax, it is important to get started right away. The size of the crate is the most important thing about this training technique.

Make sure that the crate size is not too small and not too large. When the puppy is kept in the crate at night or while you run to the store, the puppy will hold it's bodily functions until it is released from the cage. This will prevent accidents and it will allow you to take the puppy directly to the designated spot for potty breaks. Crate training is the training method that will provide the best results for you and your puppy.