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Two Top Reasons To End the Endless Licking of your Sharpei

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Has your sharpei suddenly found licking his coat as the most fruitful use of his time? On the contrary though, this is not natural of a dog. There is usually an important reason behind it, and you as dog owner need to rectify this annoying behavior. Here are two familiar causes that make your dog lick so much, plus the answers to get your dog out of the habit.

1. Your dog is under stress.

The question for you is 搘hat is the likely source of stress?? Possible roots of the stress are a new comer into the household (a baby, or a new pet), physical abuse, separation anxiety, or the dog's reaction to some new food he is eating.

In case separation anxiety is the culprit, try getting your sharpei used to being alone for short bursts of time. As your dog gets accustomed to people disappearing from time to time, gradually widen bit by bit your departure period. If you need to be away for long stretches, try to find a friend or a neighbor willing to take him for a walk a couple of times a day.

Is a new arrival causing the stress? It is more likely if it is another dog. Make it easier for your older dog by not being stingy on the attention and love he also deserves. This ways, he knows he is still very much needed. Remember also that it takes time for dogs to get to know and like one another.

A change in your dog's diet can be stressful too, for the sharpei. Try introducing the newer dog food bit by bit by adding portions of it into batches of the older one.

Your last resort to finding out what the fuss is all about is to consult your vet. He in turn can get you a dog behaviorist who help ascertain what is the dog's problem. If medication is brought up, note that it needs to be used as a complement to a treatment program.

2. Another reason is that the sharpei simply developed the bad habit all by himself.

Some sharpei lick their paws many times to get rid of dirt, or to root out an itch. Other dogs lick their paws many times simply because there's really nothing to do! Your dog may also have plenty of pent-up energy and has no way to get the stress off him.

Give your dog lots of time to play and run and work off any excess energy. If your dog is well-exercised and happy, he won't feel the need to relentlessly lick himself to relieve stress or boredom!