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Feeding Small Puppies - Does Not Have To Be Difficult!

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When you have a new puppy, it's hard to know where to begin. You have to figure out where he'll sleep, where he's to stay when you're not home, how to get him to go potty outside and how to train him to come. How do you bath him? And where to get him vaccinated? It's a little overwhelming, isn't it?

However there is one important part of puppy care that is quite straightforward and that is puppy feeding. In this article we'll cover what puppy food to use, when to feed your puppy and in what quantity.

The first 8 weeks of a puppy's life should be spent with his mom. During this time they should get everything they need from their mother. After weaning, your puppy becomes your responsibility .

Don't make the mistake of feeding puppies adult dog food. Ensure the food contains meat as the main item. Skip the brands that list grains as the first few ingredients. This is not what your puppy needs for healthy growth, grains may also cause his digestion to suffer.

When feeding small puppies stick with puppy food for at least the first year. Most dogs should be ready for adult dog food after this time

A dog's stomach usually doesn't like a lot of changes and you may notice some diarrhea if you suddenly change foods. If you are going to change the brand or flavor, do it slowly by mixing the first brand with the second and increasing the second over a period of time so their stomach can handle it.

Puppy feeding needs to be regular - at least 3 times a day. Sometime after 8 weeks you can switch the feedings to twice per day. It's best to feed puppy regularly at the same time each day if possible.

Dog food packaging should list feeding amounts based on the dog's weight. If you're confused how much to feed, simply ask your vet to clarify. Naturally you'll want to give him enough so he grows and thrives, but you don't want to over-feed him either.

Now you have the what, when and how much as regards puppy feeding. Always contact your vet if you experience any problems.