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Dog Odor Causing Problems? - - 5 Reasons An Air Purifier Can Eliminate Dog Odor

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If you love your dog, but the dog odor not so much, you're not only. As a dog owner you know how unpredictable dog odor can be. So here are 5 reasons why using an air purifier will keep your home smelling fresh and clean regardless of what your dog has done that day.

Dogs Will Be Dogs--This is not an excuse but a truism. If your dog likes to roll in things he shouldn't when he's outside, you're probably not going to be able to change that behavior.

And until your puppy has an understanding of where he should and should not go there are likely to be accidents. And if you have an older dog, the accidents are unintentional and often uncontrollable, but they happen none the less. So using an air purifier eliminates the odor and gives you time to clean up the source.

Source Not Easily Eliminated--Depending on where the mistake is made, it is not always easily or completely able to be cleaned away. When this happens, short of pulling up the carpet, or refinishing the floors, some urine remains and continues to smell, so filtering the air becomes a cost effective solution.

Non-Toxic--As a dog owner you are probably extremely careful with the products that you introduce into your home-cleaning solutions for carpets, floors, bathroom toilets (particularly if your dog drinks out of the toilet),--any product that might effect your dog.

An air purifier made of steel with a baked on powder coat finish only produces fresh clean air as a by product. Some purifiers made of plastic emit harmful chemicals once the motor heats up the plastic. Steel construction also means that your puppies and dogs are unable to chew off small pieces that could cause them or a small child to choke.

Works Constantly--To keep odors away, your air needs to be filtered constantly. A motor that is rated for high continuous use is the key to a purifier being able to operate efficiently and effectively 24 hours a day every day.

Being able to continuously filter your air means dog odor never has a chance to build up to embarrassing levels and that your air smells fresh and clean regardless of the mistakes your dogs have made.

Removes Other Pollutants--A high efficiency particle arresting (HEPA) air purifier not only removes dog odor but other airborne pollutants associated with dogs like dog dander and hair, and puppy fur too.

In addition a HEPA purifier will remove household pollutants like dust, dust mite, mold and pollen spores, bacteria and viruses as small as .3 microns. So by cleaning your air not only are you eliminating dog odor but other normal airborne household pollutants as well.