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Pat Parelli Horse Training Guidelines

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The Pat Parelli horse training method is a form of natural horsemanship which was developed by Pat Parelli. It was inspired by the theory that a horse opposes the acts that its owner wants it to perform; primarily, because horses are preys and people are predators. It also centers on the philosophy that a horse desires to always remain comfortable. In addition, the main objective of this method is to allow horses to see that people are actually trustworthy. And when using this method to train horses, there are several things that a horse owner needs to bear in mind.

First, the training must always begin with warm-up exercises. Similar to people, a horse needs time to relax its muscles and prepare for a more extensive workout. Lunging is good for warming up, since it involves various gaits. Then, the actual training must start with exercises that are familiar to the horse. This will be helpful in building the horse抯 confidence towards its owner and itself. But newer exercises and things may be introduced next, provided that they are quite similar to the old ones. The Pat Parelli horse training method states that skills and knowledge go together to result in a successful training.

Then, unfamiliar things have to be introduced to the horse in a very gradual manner. Perhaps, this is among the most essential Pat Parelli horse training instructions that trainers and horse owners must learn by heart. A new gear, for instance, has to be gradually presented to the horse. If it is a saddle, it must first be seen by the horse. Then, it has to be held above the horse and eventually placed onto its back. When, the horse becomes comfortable with this thing on him, the trainer may then add more items. And lastly, the horse must cool down when the training has finished.