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What You Need To Know About Poultry Care

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If you have a flock of chickens that you are keeping, you want to make sure that you know how to care for them properly in all aspects. This will ensure that you have happy healthy chickens at all times. I have listed a few helpful tips on feeding, keeping, and housing chickens correctly. Chicken care is not that hard, you just have to know what you need to do.

the first place to consider is the chicken coop. Hens simply were not made for roaming around without protection, especially in our day and age. Sight out a clear area that is overgrown with grass and bushes, as these are ideal hiding places for predators and would simply invite them to come in for a closer look. Instead choose a clear area, with perhaps a little shade from a nearby tree, especially if you live in a hot climate. The best coop will also include a chicken house where the animals can go for shelter during inclement weather and nest in, so that you can gather those fresh eggs.

You also are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that you keep predators away from your little ones. There are a host of predators out there just waiting to catch a fresh meal, and many of them love fresh chicken or eggs. From the sneaky weasel to the family cat, you will have to be smart to keep the chickens safe.

Place barbed wire at the top of the coop and dig a fence underground to keep predators from digging their way in. Apart from these preventive measure, simply keep a close eye out for any warning signs that a predator is on the lookout.

Daily care includes making sure that your farm animals are properly fed and watered. There are a number of good all purpose hen feeds that you should use to feed your chickens. Most do best with a twice daily feeding, one in the morning and one at night.

For water, you may wish to consider an attachment that works similarly to a hamster water bottle. You never waste a drop of water and it keeps the birds from making a mess with a water dish, not to mention the fact that it will not evaporate nearly as quickly.

Chickens love scratching in the dirt, so make sure that their coop is located in an area where they will have access to plenty of it. This should not be a problem, and it will keep the chickens happy and healthy, as the dirt also works to help keep them free from pests. They will spend much time during the day dusting themselves with dirt, and this will help keep them free from pests, and keeping you from having to worry about quarantining some of the flock.

chickens do not really require all that much care when compared to other similar farm animals. Providing them with a home and some daily sustenance is the main part of the work. They will ensure that they stay happy and health, and you will be provided with fresh eggs for your breakfast every day.