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Lost Your Pet? Let technology come to the rescue!

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Lost Your Pet? Let technology come to the rescue!

Nowadays pet owners get so attached to their pets that they sometimes even leave their properties to them. With that said, it is not difficult to imagine the ordeal an owner goes through should a pet ever get lost. Whether following their natural instincts to explore, forgetting their way home or by being taken by someone else, at one point or another, pets do go missing. And the owners comb the neighborhoods, screaming at the top of their lungs for the pet to come back. Sometimes this technique works and sometimes it doesn't. But thanks to technological advances, you can make sure that your pet is either secure in your home or located easily if not.

·        Electric Fences & Pet Doors

This is one of the most common methods to deter your dog from wandering too far. A small chip is embedded in your pet's collar, enabling you to decide what radius your pet is permitted to walk about freely. Every time your pet would try to cross the fence, they will feel a mild electric shock that will deter them from wandering too far. Same technique applies to pet doors should you want your pet inside the boundaries of your house at all times.

·        GPS Tracking Collar

GPS tracking collars for pets are on the rise nowadays. They are not very expensive and can help you locate your pet in seconds. Like the electric collar, a small chip is implanted in the pet's collar. When you can't locate your pet, simply log into the tracking account on your computer or phone and it will tell you the exact location of your pet.

·        Surgically Implanted GPS Chips

This option might not be for everyone. Firstly, because it is a little bit expensive and secondly, because most pet owners shy away from causing even minor pain to their pets. But it has been found to be the most effective method in locating pets that have been abducted. Abductors usually throw away the collars. So even if you had a tracking chip in it, it would be of no use. On the other hand, abductors would not be able to remove a chip that has been surgically implanted. Though these chips have a short range, they can still be effective in locating your pet almost immediately.

Spending time and resources on your pets' safety may go a long way in keeping accidents at bay. In addition to the above mentioned guidelines, you should also take care that your pet is provided with proper nourishment to ensure longevity. For 100% natural and preservatives-free sustenance, try Nutram dog food and Fromm cat food for your pets available at