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Try Out Natural Ulcer Supplements For The Treatment Of Ulcers in Horses

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Try Out Natural Ulcer Supplements For The Treatment Of Ulcers in Horses

Have you noticed that your lovable horse is eating slow and less? Is he becoming grumpy during dinner time? If yes, then he must be dealing with severe equine ulcer. As horses are unable to narrate everything verbally, behavioural changes indicate that something is wrong. Cranky behaviour during eating time is the first sign that your horse is suffering from stomach ache after eating. To understand, ulcers are common in horses and foals. Researches have shown that almost 60% to 90% of horse breed suffer from moderate to severe ulcers at certain point of their age. As such medical conditions are common, there are multiple factors that enhance the risk of equine gastric ulcer disease. 

Causes Of Gastric Ulcer Syndrome In Horses

Fasting: Horses live on small meals. This way, there are less chances of stomach remaining empty and the damaging effect of ulcer also becomes less. When horses do not eat frequently, there is an increase in acid production, leading to the development of ulcers in horses.

Medications: Use of anti-inflammatory drugs increase the risk of ulcers. Medications block the production of PgE2. Low production of PgE2 levels contributes to the development of ulcers. 

Exercise: There is seen a change in feeding when the amount of exercise increases. Prolonged period of time utilized in exercising result in empty stomach, which readily increases the risk of ulcer development.

There are several natural products which are widely known for their healing properties, and can aid to cure the disease naturally. These natural ulcer supplement for horses are discussed below.

Slippery Elm: Slippery elm has several intestinal benefits and can assist to control bacteria in the intestine. You can even combine it with aloe juice for faster results. The mixture can be either syringed into the mouth or can be mixed in his food.

Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe vera is highly rich in digestible fiber which helps in absorbing toxins in the bowel, protecting the digestive tract, and controlling colonic bacteria. Aloe juice is also rich in mucopolysaccharides which work well in the healing of ulcers.

Dried Cabbage: Cabbage, rich in amino acid L- Glutamine has proven right to cure stomach lining.

Raw Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are greatly rich in nitric oxide which is required to heal up every disease. 

In addition to the aforesaid natural products, you can also try out several ulcer medication for horses. You can purchase the medicines available online. These drugs can be taken in combination with the natural supplements for best and effective results.

Henceforth, understand the behavioural changes in horses and treat ulcers effectively.