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Dog Daycare Isn't for Everyone

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Dog Daycare Isn't for Everyone

Even though Toronto dog daycare facilities are popping up everything they aren't for everyone and they aren't for every dog. Just because dogs are naturally a social species each and every dog has their own individual personality and some traits are not a match with dog daycare Toronto locations. Here are some traits that are common in dogs that are usually not a good fit for dog daycare:


If your dog doesn't like interacting with other dogs then keep him or her away from dog daycare. Dog daycare facilities are usually large open areas where dogs can run around and play with each other. If your dog isn't a fan of their own kind then they will most likely find a dog daycare Toronto facility to be an unpleasant experience and even more it may end up worsening his or her dislike for other dogs.


If your dog is fearful of other dogs then they may become more aggressive as a form of defense if subjected to doggy daycare. This forced close proximity with other dogs might bring out negative behavioral traits and aggression that you hadn't seen before if you have a dog that is intimidated by other dogs. A lot of dogs tend to become this way as they grow older.


Dogs that have not been socialized, who are afraid of humans or afraid of new environments would not be ideal candidates for dog daycare Toronto places. A fearful dog may react with aggression when placed in what they perceive as a high-stress environment and as a result endanger themselves and the workers. It would be best to take your dog for some training and start them off in some situations with fewer dogs before moving on to dog daycare.


If your dog is a bully towards other dogs they may not be a good Toronto dog daycare candidate. Your dog might find it reinforcing to have the opportunity to practice his bullying behavior on such a large group of other dogs and it may make the behavior worse. Plus other pet parents and dog daycare staff members won't appreciate your dog's behavior.


Geriatric dogs or those with medical conditions should not be subjected to the rough and active play that happens at a Toronto dog daycare playground. If your dog has special needs instead consider small dog walking Toronto groups where the dogs are all contained on leashes and not left to the rough free play that a dog daycare facility allows which may result in injuries especially for senior or sick dogs.


In summary it is best to take your dog for an assessment at a local Toronto dog daycare playground first and let you and the experts decide if it is a good fit for your companion. Watch how your dog interacts with the staff, other dogs, its surroundings at the location and determine if they like everything and if they enjoy themselves in the setting. A good idea is to first try leaving your dog there for an hour or so since that will give you a good idea if doggy daycare is a good fit.