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Buy A Turtle Online

2016/5/3 8:55:11

Buy a turtle

Most people don't even realize that they can purchase a turtle online. You can buy an exotic turtles, common boxer turtles or even a two- headed turtle online!

Make sure you can meet the needs of the species you choose. First you should read about the requirements that each turtle you like needs. Choose the one you can provide the proper care for. Aquatic turtles are harder to care for because there is so much more equipment to maintain.
Whether you choose a land or aquatic turtle, it is crucial that you provide all the right types of environmental and physical needs of your turtle. It's easy to buy a turtle online but not so easy in the care of one. There is lots of good information online on the care of turtles.

Be prepared for the arrival of your new pet turtle. You should have their new home up and running when they arrive. If you are purchasing an aquatic turtle, you should plan this a few days before you order. The tank can take more time to set up and will require a heater, and a powerful filter among many other accessories. You will want to bring the water in the tank to the right temperature for the breed you purchased. If you buy a land turtle, it's much easier to set up a proper tank. If you're buying a large turtle or tortoise, you need lots of room!

Pay attention to the weather after ordering your turtle online. If you become aware of bad weather during the time before your turtle is being delivered, call the pet distributor and let them know so they can delay the shipping. Turtles are shipped overnight.

When your turtle finally arrives, let your new turtle have some down time to get used to their new surroundings and new home. It's not a good idea to handle them excessively as they have been under stress. They have probably been afraid during their trip and need to calm down and feel secure in their new home. Being cooped up for a day can make them afraid so just give them some time to calm down.

  • In some states, it is illegal to purchase or catch a turtle (to keep as a pet) if they measure under 4 inches.


  • Some states will not allow you to buy certain breeds of turtles in their states if they are in danger of becoming extinct.