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10 Really Ugly Fish

2016/5/3 8:54:16

Ugly ... ?

Well of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And maybe many will find my selection of these rare fish very exotic, or they will love them for other reasons than the looks.
Love makes blind!
Therefore, to all of you who love any of those which I have labeled ugly, please accept my apology for calling your beloved one for ugly.
I believe that I can best express my apology for all my words below, where I write about what I call for "Really Ugly Fish", is by introducing you to a book for children: Ugly Fish. This book is written for children, however it is a good read for all who want to know more about ugliness and bullying.

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(price as of Feb 23, 2016) The ugly fish eats up all the other fish. However, after the bullying and eating he feels sad and lonely, until an even bigger and meaner fish arrives. What happens next is a must-to-know for all kids and parents.

10 Really Ugly Fish


Some fish are just extremely ugly. Here are 10 fish that are really ugly. There are many other ugly ones such as the sturgeon but on this list are only those ten that I find really ugly. I personally think the sturgeon is beautiful in an exotic ugly kind of way.

Some of these fish I know little (or nothing) about. I do not know what they eat or where some of them are from. I do not know the scientific names of all these fish, but I do know that all of these ten are really ugly.

Frog Fish Lizard

Frog Fish Lizard
This image of an ugly fish is kind of cute. He (or she?) is not too ugly, but the antennae looking things on his head make this one kind of ugly. They look sort of like the "rabbit ears" we use to use on our analog television.(Flickr/charbel.ahkras)

Dead Oar Fish

Dead Oar Fish
This fish looks like he was swimming as fast as he could and ran into a rock head on. I can not tell if he is missing his eyes or if he has an extremely bad case of "pink eye".


Puffer Fish
This puffer looks a bit bloated. And tired. Actually he looks a lot like my uncle after the Super Bowl. (Flickr/mahalie)

Big Eyes

Big Eyed Fish
These big eyed ones are very tasty (So I have been told)  I believe that they are, but they sure look nasty. (Flickr/robynejay)

Scorpion Fish

Scorpion Fish
This red one looks as if he has been swimming in nuclear contaminated water. Or has he been banged upon with a hammer and painted red.

(Paula Keener-Chavis, NOAA)

Bird Food

Bird Food
I am sure this meal was attractive when it was swimming in the ocean. However, since the birds have eaten most of him, he now looks pretty disgusting. Try to serve this at your next dinner party. (Flickr/erix)

Fish Head

Fish Head
Not really ugly too me but many people that have never gutted there own fish may be disgusted by this. When I moved from Idaho the first time I actually had met people who had only ate processed food pre-packaged. They had never gutted there own catch, much less been fishing.(Flickr/axio)

Alligator Fish

Alligator Fish
These 'alligators' are not what you would find in your local tropical fish pet store. I do not like this one at all. (Flickr/tibchris)

Big Lipped Fish

Big Lips Fish
This one looks like either he is getting ready to kiss someone or is he a fast talking vacuum cleaner sales man. (Flickr/notsogoodphotography)

Ugliest Fish In The World

These one has taken the number one spot in the really ugly fish list. If I was swimming in the water and saw this couple, then I would be scared to death. I would be so scared that I would be swimming faster than Michael Phelps when I was trying to get back to the shore.

Looks like a rusty nail jammed into their noses. It might even be an eel for all I know. However, what I do know is that these things are ugly and very scarry. (Flickr/Phillip Guillaume)

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