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Fat Pets Make Your Vet The Fat Cat

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The vet in your dogs and cats life is now able to treat obesity in pets. As the pet owners weight is reaching new plateaus pets are following suit. Fat pets are becoming more and more common. This trend in pet's corpulence is verified in the American Journal of Veterinary Research. A third of dogs and cats are overweight in America. These statistics are found in a few studies that attributed the findings to unhealthy pet foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

Researchers suggested that this would bring on pet related maladies that would mimic human health problems. The point is that pets and owners are on the fast track to accelerate aging. Pets are developing the same diseases that their human counterparts have. They now get diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems just like the human population.

Couple that with the fact that medical procedure have been growing at the fastest pace in cardiovascular devices and orthopedics. The same type of modalities is being explored for your pets. Most of the market segments it addresses are products or drugs for people 60 or above. An overweight eight year old dog is akin to an overweight fifty-six year old man and subject to many of the same health risks. Fat pets wind up at risk for age related conditions that are brought on by poor nutrition.

The true fat cat has to be the vet in your pet's life. They call this the golden age for medicine. As they lineup more surgery and drugs to treat us in our senior years, they now can offer Fido the same procedures. The cost of veterinarian care has continued to climb out pacing inflation. To keep a pet healthy takes a big part of the household budget.

As of Jan 18, 2007 there is a new anti- obesity drug for overweight dogs that recently got approval from the food and drug administration. Paunchy porches and portly pets may be liked for their cuddliness but not the extra health care costs. In hot humid weather overweight dogs have more problems with overheating.

Flabby cats can develop skin problems from not being able to groom themselves. Different veterinary reports explore the reason we see overweight pets, and its impact on mobility, the role of surgery in redressing mobility issues, as well as how physiotherapy and rehabilitation can help.

As people bring fatter pets into their veterinarian's hospitals and clinics a new fat cat industry will be emerging, one that will cater to maintaining and preserving the overweight dog and cat's life. The Vet will eventually have an array of pharmaceuticals in their arsenal and be inclined to prescribe them. A mans best friend may be his pet, but a pets best friend may not be humans.