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Purina Fortiflora Dog And Cat Probiotics

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Probiotic: (pro-bi-o-tik) " Living microorganisms that, given in proper portions, can prove beneficial to ones health.

Probiotics have been found to provide beneficial bacteria essential for good nutrition and health. The growth of "bad bacteria" is minimized by the presence of certain pH-lowering microorganisms in the gut.

Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are considered to be two types of strains most generally used in the case of humans, which leads to the development of healthy gut flora therefore allowing one to further strengthen the immune and digestive systems, enabling a balanced bacteria and curtailing of infections.

If you fully understand these advantages then you are likely to choose to begin taking probiotics so that you can encourage your own good health. With that said, you should consider giving probiotics to your cat or dog. After all, their health is important and should be managed.

Probiotics would benefit your cat or dog, however you shouldn't give them your own since yours are for humans. Resulting from Purina recognizing the benefits of probiotics, FortiFlora Canine and FortiFlora Feline are now part of the selections they make available.

Not sure what FortiFlora is? FortiFlora is a mixture of the Enterococcus Probiotic with protein, vitamins, and minerals. A box of 30 packets of 1 gram contains 1x108 CFU/g of Enterococuss Faecium SF68.

What can FortiFlora do for my pet? By choosing to add FortiFlora to your pet's food you will boost his immune system.

Probiotics achieve this by building immunity with a prophylactic effect against illness. Adding probiotics can be very beneficial to the flora in your pets digestive system.

How do I give my pet probiotics? Add the probiotic powder to your pet's diet so as to provide him a daily nutritional boost. He will happily eat his food as always, while you can rest assured that you have done something good for the health of your dog or cat.

The best part is that Forti Flora is very affordable, even to those on a budget. You can give your favorite canine or feline these health benefits for less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee, typically about one dollar.

Its a lot less expensive than vets' bills and more importantly, your pet will not have to endure the agony of being sick. Your cat or dog could see clearly improved health just by adding FortiFlora to his food.