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Tea Is A High-quality Thing To Our Tooth

27 18:16:27
China is first country which cultivated and drank tea in the world.Since the ancient times we have drinking tea and brushing teeth with tea, to avoid cavity. Shushi, a famous poet, pointed out that brushing tooth with tea can make you not particular about food and cleanse the palate.

Tea can prevent caries disease. What advantages will be bought by the tea? Maybe it is safe, convenient and feasible. So many countries pay much attention to it. Our country holds a large population and has the habit of drinking tea. It is positive significance and convenience for promotion. We all know that fluorine and pyrocatechol can prevent decayed teeth and tea contains these two components. Fluorine can ameliorate our teeth construction to increase the function of resistance to acid. While catechol can restrain the bacteria in mouth. Some people made the investigation and pointed that if you have the habit of drinking, you will not suffer from caries. Therefore, it is necessary to drinking tea and clean teeth with tea.

At present, we know that alkaline is one part of substances contained in tea. Water can not remove soiling and soapy completely, but alkaline can. If you drink tea after daily meals, it can be decontamination, antiseptic and achieve the effect of strengthen body. Drinking tea was considered a good salvation of remove ozostomia produced by eating cheese and meat in Europe and America. We will chaw some tea after eating garlic.

Japanese scientists pointed that many kinds of bacteria will be produced by the food residue left, if you don't clean your mouth after eating meals. This residue will be carcinogenesis. We can find an anti-cancer substance in the tea. So brushing teeth with tea can resist the cancer substance in the mouth. Tea plays an important role in the dental care. It is very easy.

Green tea is regarded as wealth of longevity by Japanese. It do much good to our health. The search shows that it has strong function to anti-oxidation.

If you drink strong tea and don't gurgle in time, your teeth will be affected, but generally have no effect. The reason is that oral continuously can make the secretion of saliva to clear besmirch. In addition, we have food and fruit, clean teeth morning and night, so our teeth will not be influenced by the tea. However, you don't brush your teeth when you have the habit of drinking strong tea and smoking. Therefore, we should drink tea and pay attention to our oral hygiene and no smoking.