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Cable Management Panels � An Overview

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Although electronic gadgets like computers, modems, scanners and printers have made life very easy for people, they come with a very undesirable baggage � cables. While wires are present only in moderate amounts when used for residential purposes and are easier to manage, the amount of wires become very difficult to organize in commercial data rooms and server centers. Fortunately, there is a way to manage them. Cable management panel is simply an instrument or a router that helps in organizing and placing multiple cables in one unit so that they are not entangled and damaged.

Cables are tough to manage

Every establishment that uses information technology houses hundreds of meters of cables such as fiber optic cables and Ethernet wires. Using CAT5e CMR cable 1000 ft in length can be difficult to manage unless you have efficient management systems. Also, when you choose cable management panels, you need to give sufficient leverage to accommodate more cables that you might need if you expand your hardware. The panel also helps in keeping the room neat by preventing cables from hanging all around the space, which also increases the risk of users stumbling over them. A neat and well organized space increases working efficiency and hence, use of cable management panels is mandatory.

Different kinds of cable management systems

There are various kinds of cable management panels that you can choose from depending on your requirements. In commercial and corporate facilities where large amounts of cables are present, management panels in the form of cabinets and closets are used. The cabinets can be accessorized with smaller management tools such as patch panels, cable baskets, cable ladders, cable racks and cable trays. Patch panels are preferred in all facilities because they provide enhanced accessibility to cables. Cable baskets are useful to store rolls of cable such as RG59 Coaxial Bulk Cable. The biggest benefit of using cable management panels is that they protect the cables from damage.

Some of the most common kind of cable management panels and accessories used are wall mount patch panels, wall mount distribution panel, fiber cable clamps, rack mount splice panel. Rack mount coupler panel, cable routing guides and splice trays. Each of these cable management panels and systems has its benefits and are apt for particular kinds of uses.

Myriad benefits of using these systems

Besides providing ease of management, cable management panels are important in order to prevent data interference. When large amounts of wires used for communication are kept together, cross connections take place, which result in mixing of communication lines. By using good cable management panels you can avoid such disturbances. Several panels come with color coded arrangements. These are highly desirable if large amounts of cables have to be managed. Color coding also helps in easy identification and labeling of cables in the panel. Investing in these panes can be a great way of saving money since you do not need to take care if damages. All the cables are safely stored and organized in the panel and they work optimally for long durations.