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Tough Jeans

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Look the word "touch" In the dictionary, it means strong, hard, stanch, atrocious and crude and so on. The connotation of Touch is humanistic revolution. The revolution does not have blood, yet no rebellion. "Tough Jeans" means tough jeans. No matter the theme of tough jeans is rock, or schoolyard, or High-tech digital, straightforward and rebel are always running through these series. Frazzle can summarizes these fashional stunners that dazzle the eyes of people. A pair of jeans seem casually, while hide a lot of design elements, such as hand-painted design, poor little holes and old bottom of jeans and pocket edge. These fashion elements detailed interpret the idea of stylist and the connotation of fashional trend. Except for adopting the cotton fabric as jeans material, canvas is also a kind of material, which make the color and style more changeable.

Tough jeansmith keep on bringing customers simple and unique life taste all the time. The connotation of Touch is humanistic revolution. This is an updated revolution about mind. Tough jeans is a spiritual seeker in social trend. The revolutionary spirit that tough jeans represent is interpreted like this-- When the prophet's language has become the past tense, when indulgence, cold and money worship become current law, and when all of the pure and conscience are submerged in excuse, the flame of revolution should be lighted in your body's surface. Touch jeans invite all the people to act. Because in the world, Tough jeans always belong to the group of people who are standing in front.

Tough jeansmith is a brand that sees jeanswear as its featured products. In the world of tough jeansmith, you may will not see excessive bright colour or heavy and complicated decoration, yet you need not deliberately dress up in the simple and practical touch jeansmith. Just put them on, which help you send out your strong unique style. Even though tough jeans is a brand that founded in Hong Kong as a domestic brand, in these short three years, tough jeans has won plenty of supporters around mainland, Taiwan, America and Singapore.

Tough jeans like its brand name, it means their jeans are tough and strong, which are the almighty jeans against any challenge. The jeans are designed for young people. Tough jeans are specially designed for an the young people who are adventurous and passional. Its mantra is "The world does not always have the TOUGH, but there will always be revolutionaries". As long as you wear tough jeans, you can completely experience its humane revolution spirit. The design group of tough jeans insist on changeable innovation and all-around complete design concept. They care about the basic comfortable function, material and clipping and other details. Therefore, tough jeans are various and full of creative.

Tough jeans brand was founded in 1993, Hong Kong. It is a military style brand when it was founded. Tough jeans rapidly occupy the wide market all over the world relying on its personal and fashionable, as well as neuter military style. Although the brand’s history is as short as 11 years, its meteoric style can equal to those old brands whose history has over 100 years. By virtue of the young and new designers, tough jeans has opened its flagship stores worldwide in the eleven years.