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Boarding Kennel Lexington Ky Part 2

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Boarding kennels are the second homes of the pets and this highlights the need to choose the best available boarding kennels for the pets. The pet owners at Lexington KY have a variety of options to pick from for the boarding services for their loving pets. Safe and peaceful environment is one vital condition for boarding kennels which the pet owners look for. The owners should feel confident enough to handle their customer’s most loving pets in the boarding kennels and hence the environment at the kennels should meet the highest standards.

Sheabel Pet Care Center in Lexington KY offers multiple services including dog boarding, cat boarding, grooming and doggie care services. At Sheabel boarding kennel, the staff gives the best care and compassion to each boarder. The pet owners feel confident to leave their dogs in these high quality boarding kennels as they ensure a home like feeling to the dogs even when he is away. Most of the high quality boarding kennels at Lexington KY are members of American Boarding Kennel Association. They offer a wide variety of pet services including most modern play facilities to the boarder. The pets receive the best time at these boarding kennels and engage themselves in the large play yards and private suites. The pets also receive shampoo bath and pedicure on request at the Sheabel.

Overnight care for the dogs and cats offered at the boarding kennels at Lexington KY ensures that the pets receive the same care and affection which they enjoy at home. The climate controlled boarding kennels are the best choices for many pet owners to send their dogs. They also offer webcam facility where the pet owners can see their loved ones when they are away. Grooming and vaccinations are other services offered at these boarding kennels.