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How Your Pets Get Around

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Have you ever sat and really watched your pets? Maybe you have a cat or a dog. Perhaps you have a lizard, a snake or some fish in a tank. Watching your pets can be very interesting. You can see that they all get around differently then the other. We, as people, walk upright on just two legs.

When we walk, we can feel the weight of gravity pulling our bodies down. Animals can feel that, too, and you can tell by watching them move around.

Cats and dogs move around pretty much in the same way, on all four legs. They have their front legs and their hind (back legs) which work against gravity to keep the body up and moving with the work of their legs.

Spiders can move more easily as they tend to have longer legs proportionate to their bodies and they have four sets. You will see that they move much more graceful and faster then most, as they sneak up on their prey.

Fish, on the other hand, have a fascinating life as their body weight is supported almost completely by water. How fast they move depends on what their body is shaped like. Looking at your fish in the fish tank will give you an idea of what life would be for a fish in the ocean.

A whale, for instance, moves rather slowly but gracefully, taking their time as their bodies are large and their fins are small. On the other hand, a dolphin has a streamlined body so they can swim easily up to 20 miles per hour. Both of these mammals, and they move their bodies up and down rather then side to side, like most fish, to swim as their tails are horizontal.

Snakes have no legs at all and have to slither their bodies along to move around. This is a great way to travel around as they can move very quick, allowing them to catch such prey as rabbits, field mice, rats or what ever their fancy may be.

Lizards can vary greatly in their speed when they move around. A small lizard such as a newt or a salamander will move very quickly on their four legs where a larger lizard such as a komodo dragon or an alligator will move very fast but they can not turn as well as their bodies are larger. No matter what kind of animal you have, you can learn a great deal from watching your pet get around.