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Common Health Questions In Respect To Dogs And Cats

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When you are a pet owner and have a dog or a cat, there is a lot to learn. Most responsible pet owners want to know everything possible about taking care of their animals, and about keeping their animals healthy. This involves doing some research and taking the time to ask and learn the answers to some common health questions in respect to dogs and cats. The more information you read and learn about pet health questions, the better equipped you will be to understand what your pet needs from you to stay happy and healthy.

Common Dog and Cat Health Questions

There are many different questions related to the health of dogs and cats. Here are a few common questions and answers that people may have:

1) What does it mean when my dog or cat eats grass?

If your pet is eating a lot of grass, this can indicate that your animal has an upset stomach. If this occurs only occasionally, then your animal may simply have eaten something that did not agree with him. If your pet is routinely consuming grass, however- and especially if he/she consumes the grass and then vomits- then there may be a problem with digestion of the food you are feeding or another health issue that should be checked out.

2) What should I feed my dog or cat?

It is important to make sure that your dog or cat has a healthy and balanced meal and that he/she does not become overweight. Feeding good quality, premium dog or cat food can help ensure that your dog or cat gets all the nutrients he/she needs. While it is possible to make your own food in certain instances, it is important to follow an established recipe and dining plan if you choose this option to ensure that your pet stays healthy. You should also monitor the weight of your dog or cat and ensure that your animal does not become obese.

3) Is exercise important?

Dogs and cats need to exercise, just as humans do. Dogs typically enjoy running, chasing, walks and playing fetch for their exercise while cats might chase a string or a laser pointer around the home in order to have a chance to run around and play.

4) What if my dog is itching all the time?

If your dog is itching or licking himself/herself, this can be the sign for a number of issues. Your dog may be experiencing an allergic reaction to food or to products used on him/her such as dog shampoo or flea and tick medication. An allergic reaction to something in the environment is also possible, as is an overgrowth of yeast. Your dog may also have some type of mange that needs to be addressed by a veterinary professional.

5) What if my cat is throwing up hair all the time?

Your cat may have hairballs as a result of the natural grooming process. Brushing your cat more to minimize the hair he/she eats can be helpful. There are also special cat foods designed to minimize or help cats with hairball problems.

Getting Help

These are just a few of the questions you may have about dog and cat health. If you have specific questions, you should consider contacting your veterinarian or using an online service where licensed veterinarians answer questions posed by pet owners.