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Review Of The Secret Art Of Spoiling Your Cat Rotten

27 18:14:52
I downloaded a copy of Jason Parker's new The Secret Art of Spoiling Your Cat Rotten" the other day. Even though I was skeptical, the idea of the book pretty much forced me to buy anyway. I love my cats and, you know, I buy everything for them.

To my surprise, the ebook is filled with tons of useful and entertaining pampering ideas for your cats. My cats seriously have been way happier ever since I downloaded the book. For instance, I know how to keep them entertained while I'm at work now.

Within the ebook you'll find all kinds of great treats and recipes. My cats absolutely love most of them. The homemade cat toys section is good too. They (my kitties) actually like the homemade cat toys more than store bought, even though the homemade toys don't look as good.

Another aspect of The Secret Art of Spoiling Your Cat Rotten" I like is the interviews with experts. You learn a whole lot about cat care and the interviews with the psychic and cat fashion lady are really interesting. Overall, the book soared above my expectations.

Any negative sides? Well, I'm not a big fan of ebooks because I don't like reading on my computer. I'd rather have something in print. But that said, I think the material on each page is actually denser than any books I've ever read in print. I ended up just printing it out and that was fine. I would have rather read it as a book in print. However, I did like the facts that I didn't have to pay shipping and handling and I could download it right away.

One more complaint I have about the ebook is that it lacks pictures. I like pictures of cats. You won't find one picture throughout the ebook. The cover is cute though...

I'd say that this is one of the most original books I've read on cats. Most book are about cat care and have the same old repackaged information you can find everywhere for free. I think the author calls his book The manual on spoiling your cat." There's nothing else like it as far as I know.

There are some fun sections on cat Astrology and Feng Shui for your cat. I don't believe in that stuff, but it was fun. ...I guess what I'm trying to say is the ebook is like a world for cat lovers delivered to your computer. I give the content of the book 5 stars.

I give the fact that it's an electronic book 1 star because I don't like reading from the computer. That might sound harsh, but that's just me.

All in all, I have no doubt that my cats have loved the ebook. It's really quite fun spoiling them in all these different way and just watching them be generally more happy to see me all the time. Also, one of my cats even recovered from a fairly serious health problem from using these pampering methods. It's not like it's general health information, but I think the high spirit she was in boosted her to recovery.