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The Toyger Cat Looks Just Like A Toy Tiger

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There is nothing quite so beautiful or exotic as a wild tiger, bobcat, leopard, or jaguar, and there are thousands of people, if not more, who would love to own one. In fact, there are over sixteen hundred of the big wild cats that are owned by individuals in the United States alone. This usually is not a good thing for these big cats. Oftentimes they are placed in cages or fenced-in areas that are far too small to house them comfortably, and many times they are the victims of abuse, intentional or not. Most people just don't know what the proper nutrition is for a big cat. More importantly, these huge cats are far too dangerous and no matter how tame they might seem, can easily maim or kill a human being by just doing what comes naturally.

Fortunately, the rest of us know it is not smart to own a tiger or a lion as a pet. But do not despair, for there are breeds of domestic cats that look just like their bigger, wilder cousins. One of them is the Toyger, and yes, just as the name implies, they really do look like miniature tigers with the distinctive striping you except to see on the bigger, beautiful wild version.

Toygers are designer cats. They have an easily trained character and are laid back, which makes them perfect for apartment dwellers. Their dramatic pattern and glittered pelt makes them very appealing to all of you who have ever dreamed of owning a real tiger, but because they are domestic, they are an absolute treasure to live with. What is more, the cat is practically computer designed. Breeders used computer imaging in determining the type of cat they wanted, going even so far as to use email to arrange cross-country breeding matches.

Founded by Judy Sugden in the United States, the Toyger is the result of many years of hard work breeding a striped domestic shorthair cat to a standard Bengal tabby. The end result was a miniature tiger that has the fur and glitter of a real Bengal Tiger, but with excellent temperaments. The Toyger ideally has dark stripes just like a tiger laid over a background of orange/tan. Also like a tiger, the stripes should be random individual stripes, not uniform ones like you might find on your typical tiger kitty. Breeders continue to improve on the species in order to obtain one of the most beautiful domestic cats possible along with the majestic look of a wild tiger.