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The Easy Guide To Cat Ownership

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While the title of this article may be a non sequitur, cat ownership doesn't have to be difficult. Cats are highly intelligent and can be trained to do tricks, and can provide years of wonderful companionship. Here is an easy guide to making the most out of your relationship with your cat.

Cats are usually perceived as loners who do not need affection. This is not entirely true. They need affection, they just like to pick the times when they want it. This may mean that your cat decides that 4am is the best possible time for them to have their head scratched, but you can usually train them to respect your sleeping schedule. The key to a happy relationship with your cat is to accept their idiosyncrasies and learn to work within them.

Cat nutrition is an area that is receiving more attention in the media. Cats by nature are carnivores and most brands of cat food include much more grain than meat products. This can create health problems for your cat, such as diabetes. If you are concerned about your cat's health, make sure to read the labels on their food. Try to find cat food's that contain more meat than grain, even if you have to moved to canned food.

Although cats can be destructive, especially to your sofa, they can be trained to confine their scratching activities to "good" areas, such as their scratching post. While many people prefer to declaw their cats, this practice is becoming more reviled in certain circles. When the cat is declawed, they are essentially losing a knuckle of their toe joint, a prospect that is certainly painful. If you decide not to declaw your cat, frequently trim their nails to minimize the damage they can cause.

Spaying and neutering cats is just as important as it is with dogs. Even though your cat may never leave your house, they are still at risk for certain problems that can arise if you do not have them spayed or neutered. Intact male cats are more likely to "spray" or mark their territory than cats who have been neutered. Owners of female cats can certainly attest to the fact that listening to a yowling cat in heat is not a pleasant event.

One of the main issues with cat ownership is proper hygiene, particularly when it comes to the litter box. Once you have trained your cat to use the litter box, try to reinforce their behavior at least one a week to make sure they continue to use their box. Some cats will prefer an extremely clean box, while others couldn't care less. However, you could personally be at risk for disease if you don't keep your cat's litter box clean.

Your cat may not appear to need as much love as a dog or other house pet, but don't let their cool facade fool you. They need you more than you know and with some boundaries, love and training, cats can be wonderful and giving companions.