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Cat Urinary Infection - A Simple 5-step Plan To Stop Repeats Of A Cat Urinary Tract Infection

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Its not unusual for cats to have repeat incidents of a cat urinary infection. If you are frustrated with repeat bouts of a feline urinary tract infection, you can take action to stop the problem for good. There are a number of factors that contribute to cat urinary problems like diet, stress and environmental factors. When you are done reading this article you'll know exactly what to do to remove the very causes of a cat urinary infection.

Your cat's urinary tract problems may also be referred to as a Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) or Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS). This means your cat as an infection in his bladder or urethra. The most lethal situation is when stones form in the bladder and eventually block the passage of urine from his body. Unfortunately, if you don't quickly recognize a cat urinary infection, your cat's condition can quickly turn into a life threatening emergency.

Here's how to spot a cat urinary infection:

Your cat is urinating in all the wrong locations;
You notice urine on the tile or in the bathtub;
His urine may have blood in it;
He licks his genital area a lot;
His urine is smellier than normal;
He fusses with the litter box and may repeatedly squat, but very little urine passes.

An easy 5-step program to prevent a cat urinary infection.

First, have your vet rule out any tumors or congenital defects. These can cause cat urine problems and require a surgical procedure to reverse the disorder.

Second, help reduce the stress in your cat's world. Stress has a proven connection to the onset of cat urinary problems. If you can't remove the person, thing or condition causing the stress, consider using an herbal remedy to reduce the impact of the stress factor on your cat.

Third, give your cat plenty of opportunity to drink fresh water. Place 2-4 bowls of fresh water around the house. Refresh them every day. If your cat loves toilet water, don't scold him, but let him indulge. Just make sure you flush after every use to keep the water fresh and give the toilet a good scrub every week.

Fourth, help your cat get 20 minutes of good activity each day. Fat cats are far more likely to have a cat urinary infection. Take a look at his diet too as you may need to supplement with natural minerals or vitamins.

Fifth, give your cat the best chance to maintain a proper pH level in his bladder. Steps 1-4 help maintain the proper pH, but your cat may just need a little extra boost to get over an infection and improve pH level in his bladder. This is where homeopathic remedies can give him that extra help.

So there you have it. Five simple steps to stop the repeating cycle of cat urinary problems. You may need a little help boosting his mineral intake and balancing his bladder's pH level. This is easy to remedy with some homeopathic compounds added to his diet twice a day.

Your next step? Put out the fresh water bowls and locate these natural compounds that are proven to help prevent future cat urinary infection in your best feline friend. And don't forget to flush the toilet.