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Can A Heated Cat Bed Benefit Your Cat?

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To keep your cat warm whilst protecting it from the cold during the winter season a heated cat bed is very essential. It also helps to prevent your cat from become sick due to cold weather. As for the cats that love to spend time outdoors in places such as the garages, porches and even family barns heated cat beds are a must.

For older cats especially those with arthritis the heated cat bed can provide thermal and therapeutic benefits. It is also very beneficial for pets that constantly sleeping on hard and cold floors. Inside the heated cat bed there is a removable heater unit. You can used the bed indoors throughout the year. The ideal body temperature for cats is 102 degrees and the bed has two thermostats to ensure the bed temperature stays at that level. The heated cat bed has a thick and very soft, orthopedic mattress giving warmth, comfort and excellent therapeutic benefits to your pet.

Heated cat beds come in a wide range of designs, sizes, colors and materials. A larger heated cat bed will be big enough for a big cat or sufficient for few small cats that like to cuddle together. Each design has its own great features and functionalities. The "donut" design heated cat bed is for the cat that enjoys spreading itself all over the bed with its head sleeping on the pillow.

The heated cat bed frame is usually made from wood and easy to clean plastic. The bed is durable and has a steel-wrapped electrical cord. Very often the heated cat bed is also reinforced with a special metal frame to keep it sturdy. Your cat can then relax in comfort and style. Some beds will swing and sway your cat like a baby to sleep. The cushion or mattress covers are often made from double-sided faux fur or machine-washable ultra-suede. They are normally filled with polyester fiber to give long-lasting comfort and loft. The most common material used for the inside of a heated cat bed is warm fleece fabric.

With a heated cat bed you can help to keep your cat healthy, comfortable and happy. Cats spend a great deal of time sleeping and a cozy bed is most desirable. With a comfortable and correct size bed your cat will have a more relaxed sleep. The elevated heated cat bed can give your cat comfort, support and protection from the cold floor while sleeping. It also stops your cat from sharing your bed and disturbing your sleep.

A thermal heated cat bed has many therapeutic benefits that no other pet bed can provide. For this reason many cat owners preferred the heated cat bed. Some cat owners opt for the bed heater method. These heated bed pads are electrically heated and place on the bed. They provide gentle warmth making the bed very snug and comfortable for your cat. For those cat owners on a limited budget the microwavable heat warmer type heated bed or heated sleeping mat are some other options. When choosing the kind of heated cat bed for your cat bear in mind that quality and affordability are most important.