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The Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Adopting A Cat Part 2.

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Would you rather have a long or a short hair cat?

Hair length of your cat is an important part of your decision. Although long fur cats may look nicer, they need more care and attention than their short fur counterparts. It is especially true for the period when they cast off their fur because you have to brush them every day and in the mean time once in 2 or three days. Taking care of short hair cats is much easier in this respect because they can keep their hair tidy by cleaning themselves and taking care of their falling fur with their rugged tongues. It is also recommended to brush this variety every 4 or 5 days. It is important to make them get used to being brushed when they are kittens.

How many cats should you adopt?

You can keep two or more cats if you live in a big flat or in a detached house, but the cats you adopt should be from the same litter. They already know each other well; they play with each other and get out of each other's way, too, when they want to. If you keep kittens of mixed gender it is important to neuter them when they are about 8 months old. Each cat requires a separate resting area. As far as the number of toilet boxes are concerned, there should always be at least more than one than the number of cats you keep with the help of this method you can easily make your cat house-trained. Toilet boxes should be placed in different parts of the house so that the cats can reach them according to their needs in the shortest possible time. It is not recommended to keep more than one cat in a small flat because they will fight for their own territory.

Cats and other pets around the house

It can happen quite often that you have to keep under one roof two or more pets belonging to different species. There are a great number of households where cats and dogs can get on well with each other, moreover they become even friends. Although it has to be emphasised that pets should not share in the food or the sleeping area with each other, in other words they should have their own designated territories.

It is highly important that you start to make them become accustomed to each other at an early age because it is much harder for older pets to become friends. It is a well-tried tactics to use the same shampoo the first time you bathe them, because they get used to each other better if they have the same smell. You should not treat them differently. To make them become accustomed to each other successfully, you need to give the same amount of love, care, patience and attention to both pets in the house. Cats cannot get used to certain animals because of their genetically coded hunting instinct no matter how hard you try. These are the following: fish, mice, guinea pigs, squirrels, and birds.

Before you choose your kitten you should check the following things carefully, if you want to bring home a healthy pet:

- Healthy kittens are full of vitality; they play a lot and frisk about.
- A healthy pet should not be visibly skinny to the naked eye.
- An ill kitten is indifferent, apathetic, and has a lack of appetite.
- A healthy kitten's fur is never ruffled; it must be thick and soft.
- A kitten's eye should never be in tears and should not be full of mucus.
- A healthy kitten's nose should be warm and dry but it must not be hot.
- The inner part of its ears should always be clean and its gum should be pink.
- It is a sign of diarrhoea if the area of the anus is jammed and tainted with faeces.
- A cat's stomach should never be swollen; it can only be big and swollen directly after eating.
- White pedigree cats are often deaf. You can test their deafness if you call them or make noises behind their backs.

After you have selected your pet, there is one thing left. You should find a suitable name for your pet. Experienced pet owners already know that it can be a hard task to find a good pet name. can help to find the perfect name for your pet.