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Pedi Paws Vs. Regular Trimmers

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When a dog or cat has nails that are too long, unshapely or too sharp, all sorts of problems can occur. Unfortunately, keeping your pet’s nails neat and trim is not always easy. Regular trimmers tend to frighten animals, causing them to squirm or even outright run away. This is not the case with the Pedi Paws pet groomer.

Pedi Paws is not your normal nail trimmer. This fast, easy-to-use device trumps other methods of trimming nails for a number of reasons. A closer look at this unique device makes it clear why so many pet owners are falling in love with it.

What Is the Pedi Paws Pet Groomer?

Pedi Paws is a unique nail-trimming device for both cats and dogs. It works on animals of any size by making it easy to file their nails, rather than cut them. The Pedi Paws pet groomer has a precision emery wheel that files down your pet’s nails.

How Does It Work?

Unlike regular trimmers that cut or slice pet claws when they work, Pedi Paws is different. This battery operated device works by gently filing thin layers of nail away. It relies on a protective cap that helps remove the perfect amount of nail. Filing the nail too low can cause pain for your pet so be careful when using Pedi Paws because its fast rotation means the job is completed quickly and smoothly.

How to Use Pedi Paws

Putting a Pedi Paws to work for you and your pet is not a difficult task. In fact, when you create a routine for using this device, both you and your pet are likely to look forward to weekly or bi-weekly trimming sessions. To use Pedi Paws correctly, make sure to do the following:

Start slowly - Before using Pedi Paws, turn it on and get your pet used to the gentle sound it makes. To ease any stress, remember to give your pet a treat and lots of praise. It can help to do this for several days before actually trying to trim your pet’s claws. When your pet is completely comfortable with the device and the sound it makes, try filing one claw. Check the length of the claw after about three seconds of filing. Remember that Pedi Paws works quickly and Pedi Paws can be at the desired length in a matter of a few seconds. After trimming one claw, give your pet a treat. This can help make your pet comfortable with the process and cutting your pet’s nails can become much easier.

Move on to the next claw - If your pet responds well to the process of trimming the first nail, move on to the next claw. Aim to tackle an entire paw in the first real sitting. If this does not happen, do not push too hard. With praise, treats and patience, your dog or cat can learn to love the experience of using Pedi Paws.

Tips for Making Use Easier

Most animals have no trouble adjusting to the use of a Pedi Paws nail trimmer. To help make this so in your house, try following these tips for making the process more enjoyable for both of you:

  • Try holding your pet differently. Most pet owners find that Pedi Paws is very easy to use. You can allow your pet to sit on your lap while you trim their nails. This creates a comfortable position for your pet while their nails are being trimmed. If this does not work, consider changing positions. You want your dog or cat to be comfortable, but well secured. Your pet may not enjoy sitting on your lap and forcing them to sit there may only cause problems or discomfort for your pet.

  • Remind your pet who is in charge - Try to be assertive when you are using Pedi Paws, especially for the first couple of times. Be gentle, but firm and your pet should enjoy having their claws cut with this grooming device.

  • Do not forget the praise - Dogs and even cats love attention and praise. Use this generously while you are introducing Pedi Paws and your pet should respond well.

Pedi Paws provides a fast, easy way to get your dog or cat’s nails filed right. If you use a little patience when introducing this device into your pet’s routine, it can pay off with a happy, well-groomed cat or dog. When using the Pedi Paws pet grooming device, be sure to consider these tips and your pet can be extremely happy while living a healthier life. Trimming the nails of your pet is often forgotten because many pets dislike the experience. The Pedi Paws changes this by creating an enjoyable experience for both your pet and whoever is performing the grooming.