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Types Of Cats-understanding,caring For & Training Your Cat

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There are many kinds of breeds or types of cat.
Different breeds have different characteristics.
For example, some breeds are long-haired, some
are short-haired, and some grow to be large,
while others stay small. Some cat breeds have
long tails, while others have bobbed or short
tails. A pure-bred cat times called a pedigree
cat) is a cat that had parents and grandparents
that belong to the same breed.
A mixed-breed cat has parents that belong to
different breed. A mixed breed may display a
mixture of characteristics from a variety of
breeds. Whether you decide on a purebred cat or a
mixed breed, learning about the characteristics
of different breeds can help you choose a feline
friend. One of the main ways to examine some of
the different breeds is by comparing their coats
or fur. The following breeds are some of the
popular long-haired and short-haired breeds.
The Sphynx looks like it has no hair. However,
people who own this Sphynx cat breed say this cat
is not completely hairless. the Sphynx probably
has the shortest hair of all other cat breeds,and
obviously, does not need to be brushed. Like most
breeds, the Sphynx likes attention, is very
curious, and will often get into trouble. If you
decide on this breed, you will find that your cat
likes to cuddle up with you, especially on cold
At first glance, you may think a Siamese cat
looks a bit unusual. Its ears may look too big
for its thin face. Siamese cats have narrow eyes,
small mouths, and long skinny tails to match
their long skinny bodies. Most of the Siamese's
coat is tan or white. The darker coloring is in
the cat's tail, feet, ears, and face. Many cat
owners say that Siamese are noisier than a lot of
ther breeds. Siamese like to "talk", which means
they meow a lot. They also have a lot of energy.
Neither a long-haired nor a short-haired breed,
the Maine Coon is one of the oldest cat breeds in
North America. It was probably first bred in
Maine, and is actually Maine's official state cat.
It was probably got its name from the fact that
it has a bushy tail and coloring that sometimes
resembles a raccoon's. A Maine Coon cat's coat is
thick, but not as long as a Persian's or
Himalayan's. The fur can come in a wide range of
colors, from white to black, striped or spotted.