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Why Buy Cat Insurance?

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Why Buy Cat Insurance?

Most cat owners, (seventy-seven percent to be exact) do not realise how much they spend each year at the veterinarian's office in order to keep their cat healthy, happy and in tip top shape. You would probably be shocked if you added up your yearly cat expenses.
Cats Are Crazy Creatures!
More people purchase dog insurance than cat insurance. However, if you think for a second about the behaviour of cats, you may reconsider purchasing insurance for your cat. Cats are one of the most vigorous pets that exist on this planet. Yes, they are strong and overall healthy animals, but they do tend to get into all sorts of mischief. This makes cats more susceptible to injury than may be thought by cat owners.
Kittens in particular are very inquisitive and they have the natural capabilities and skills to climb into difficult and tricky spots to get out of. Many veterinarians have had cases of kittens with all sorts of injuries after getting themselves wedged into very small spaces.
Felines have a notorious reputation for their unsafe practices. For example, cats are often seen running across roads without looking to see if a car is coming. Sadly, you can't teach a cat to obey the Green Cross Code! Jokes aside, this is serious business and a cat owner should consider such situations. If you buy pet insurance for your cat you are guaranteeing your cat the best care possible in the event of injury. In the long term you will probably save money on vet's bills. Cat insurance can provide peace of mind not having to worry about how to afford your cat's welfare.
It Can Cost a Lot of Money to Keep a Pet.
Veterinary costs add up quickly over the life of your pet. You fork out cash for routine treatments and medicines, more on vaccinations, sick visits to the vet, and annual check-ups. Before you realise it, you can have spent hundreds on cat care costs and that does not include food, toys and other cat accessories.
How Can You Keep Your Cat Costs Low?
Many millions of people are feeling the financial pain of today's society. Few can afford to spend extra money, especially if it is not absolutely necessary. If you have the chance to save some money, wouldn't it be wise to take advantage of that opportunity? If you have a cat or dog, the smartest choice is to buy pet insurance. In a recent survey, 96% of all veterinarians questioned agreed that if you own a cat or dog then you would be wise to purchase pet insurance to help save money on your pet health care costs.
Top Pet Insurance Claims for Cats.
Of the many things that can happen during the life of a cat, here are some of the most common things claimed for under cat insurance policies. It is vital to compare pet insurance policies, as certain conditions may only be covered for the first twelve months of a pet plan. Others may qualify for cover on a per condition, per year basis. This depends on the extent of your pet insurance cover. Speak to your insurance provider if you are unsure of your needs. Top claims on cat insurance policies are listed below.

  • Injuries from road traffic accidents.

  • Fractures from crazy climbing adventures.

  • Gastrointestinal/digestive system disorders.

  • Heart disorders including heart murmurs or heart failure.

  • Hormonal disorders.

  • Feline diabetes.

  • Overactive thyroid.

  • Leg,hip and shoulder disorders including arthritis and hip dislocation.

  • Common colds, general sickness and cat 'flu.

Veterinary Care is Expensive.
Unlike people, cats cannot tell us exactly what hurts. Because of this, vets may need to perform numerous tests to figure out why their patient isn't feeling well. To find out the extent of an injury a cat may have due to a recent accident could take time. Such tests and X-rays can be very expensive, and protecting against veterinarian bills like these in the future is exactly why cat owners should consider cat insurance. According to one survey, ninety-five percent of cat owners who have cat insurance submitted most of their claims to cover veterinarian fees resulting from sudden illnesses or injuries.
If You Have an Indoor Cat, Should You Still Get Cat Insurance?
Many cat owners think that because their cat stays indoors it is not necessary to get cat insurance. This is not true. Even the laziest feline which does nothing all day but sleep on the sofa can develop debilitating diseases which can be expensive to treat. Indoor cats can even get themselves into stickier situations than their free-roaming counterparts, as they search for different areas of the house in which to challenge themselves and stay occupied.