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Siamese Cat The Beloved Cat Of Thailand

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It is generally believed that the Siamese cat has its origin in Siam - Thailand of modern day. It is a very old domestic breed descended from an albino cat which was a gift given to the King Siam. In Thai fables they were the ones that would protect the royal castles and temples from evil spirits. In the Siamese culture the people believed that the soul of a high ranking person who had died would stay in the cat for a while. The Siamese cat first appeared in the West in mid 1800s.

There are traditional and modern Siamese cats. These cats have a long, slim body with a kinked tail along with a long neck and bright blue eyes which are almond shaped. The original cat has a round head hence it being called the apple head Siamese. However, the modern Siamese cat has a head which is elongated with larger ears and more pronounced features.

The face of the original cat is round and it is also more muscular than the modern Siamese. This breed has a shorthaired coat and a cream color base coat. The Original Siamese has dark brown fur on the face, ears, tail and legs. The body has the Siamese markings and could be white or fawn in color. The kittens when born are cream in color and the markings only develop over the months ahead. On a Siamese cat the markings are found on the paws, ears, tail, muzzle and lower legs.

It is a very demanding and attention seeking breed of cat. The mentality of this breed is very much similar to that of a dog. The Siamese cat is very affectionate, energetic, intelligent, inquisitive and people orientated. It is a breed which is the most vocal and talkative from any other. The Siamese cat constantly talks, and can be very annoying when it is on heat. It is then that the cat will become very loud and sound like a wild lion.

When the Siamese cat feels neglected, it can get very jealous and throws tantrums. The Siamese does not like to be ignored. They want to be with you all the time. The traditional Siamese cat tends to have been more laid back t than the modern Siamese.

The Siamese cat is an active cat that gets bored easily. It is best that you provide an area for your pet to exercise or play. To stay healthy it needs to scratch and sharpen its claws. It is essential to install a cat tree or cat gym with scratching post for your pet. A regular brushing is all that is required to keep the shorthaired coat healthy.

The Siamese cat is a breed that matures early could be as early as 5 months old. They are also very fertile and the average litter size is about six. Ensure your pet is vaccinated if it is allowed to go outdoors. Should you give your cat fruit or greens they have to be boiled first to aid with the digestion. You can take your pet outside for a walk by using a harness and leash to stop it running away.

The Siamese cat remains to be one of the favorite shorthaired breeds in the world. It is a cat only suitable for those people who can give it time, love and attention. It is also not for people that do not like a noisy cat as this breed tends to be constantly noisy. The Siamese cat is very affectionate cat and can be your best friend and loyal companion. This breed has a low maintenance shorthaired coat. The traditional Siamese has a quieter personality and does make a better pet for the family, than that of the modern Siamese.