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Why You Should Get A Cat Scratching Post For Your Cat

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A cat scratching post is absolutely necessary if you own a cat. It is what stands between destruction of your possession and your cat. Cats have this natural instinct to scratch and very often they like kneading their paws on some surfaces.

Unfortunately many cat owners have no idea that they should provide their cats with the necessary products to scratch on. Scratching is a born instinct and we are unable to change this type of behavior, it is therefore best to give your cat alternate surfaces to scratch. A standard cat care program must include the cat scratching post. This product will give your cat an area to do its scratching, stretching, sharpening claws and marking territory.

Generally a cat scratching post is made up of a base, a post structure all exposed surfaces covered with a layer of woven material such as carpet for the scratching surfaces. A cat-scratching post is not always vertical; it can be horizontal on the floor. The base of the post should be big enough so the cat can stand on it and scratch and the structure will not topple.

Cat scratching posts come in many designs, heights, materials and colors. Some even have toys hanging from them to give the cats some exercises. There is one type of scratching post that has corrugated cardboard strips slotted into the body of the frame or structure to serve as scratching surfaces.

The cat will soon have the cardboard strips torn and shredded and the strips have to be replaced. A very common type of cat scratching post is one that has a vertical scratching surface on a post with a base. Some cats like such posts, could be because they are like trees or tree trunks. Very often such vertical scratching surfaces are wrapped in a tough fabric like carpet or rope for the cat to scratch on.

Making your own cat scratching post is easy. You cover a piece of wood about the size of 6 inches wide and 2 feet long with carpet and screw it onto the wall. You can also make a hanging cat scratching post. Just hang a piece of 17 inches long carpet from the ceiling to a height that your pet can scratch on. A cat tree can serve as a cat scratching post provided that the base of the cat tree is strong and large enough so the structure will not fall over.

The best type of material to use for a scratching post is any durable fabric with a pile, like carpet. The post itself can be made of solid wood or plastic. The under side of the base is usually sisal or vinyl with nylon buttons to keep the scratching post from sliding around on a hard surfaced floor such as hardwood or tile. Sisal is also a good option for wrapping the scratching post as cats enjoy the coarseness of the fibrous rope and it is very durable. It is great for conditioning the cat's claws.

Finding a scratching post that meets your cat's need and preferences is easy with the variety of styles and sizes available. Your cat will leave your furniture undamaged with his own scratching post placed in a nice sunny window or corner free from drafts. For cats that are already scratching up the furniture, placing the scratching post in the same spot will soon have the cat scratching on the post instead.