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How To Survive Facebook?

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Facebook is simply fascinating. It is a social media bridge that connects families, friends, employees, businesses and organizations. It allows people to communicate freely in real time and is enhanced with games, apps and chat functions. However, the social media giant is also a place where exploitation occurs regularly and users either find themselves sucked into it or no longer enjoy interacting as much as they used to. In either case, there are ways to survive the negativity of Facebook without having to consider deleting your account.

However, Facebook has changed drastically since its inception. While it has remained aligned with technology, it has also become a circus for many. While some users are co-dependent on Facebook for reasons such as keeping up with celebrities, causes and events, others have exploited it in other ways, such as over promotion of products (e.g., the millions of shoe ads on timelines instead of the paid ad section), services, stalking, mud-slinging and therapy sessions.


Some users use Facebook negatively as a portfolio for a modeling or acting career. The site is riddled with women, young and older, posing nude or in a degrading manner. Additionally, in search of love, women, and even some underage girls pose provocatively to draw attention to their physical assets rather than their intellectual pluses.

Men are not excluded, however. Some exhibit the stereotypical behavior of being chauvinist by either degrading these women who expose themselves in a negative light and others go online in pursuit of an affair (as some women also do).


In terms of bullying, there are countless numbers of users from different backgrounds, races, countries and even occupational levels who participate in the Facebook bullying trend. It is nearly impossible to scroll through your timeline without coming across an image of someone (who looks different, who has done something silly or who has been a victim without people from every which direction tagging in with the rudest comments. Sure, some might say that some of the targets victimize themselves because of their choices, but bullying is bullying when you choose to participate in the bashing.

Therapy Sessions

Facebook wouldn't be Facebook in 2012 without the TMI (too much information) status updates. While it is acceptable for users to mention they've had a bad day at work or their pet parrot just died, it's not the best use of judgment to reveal every single detail of your personal life. No one lives a drama-free life and venting every bad incident is a breeding ground for more drama, including bullying, false information passed along, and a setup for missing out on potential career opportunities. Facebook dramatists seek attention, support or help for whatever reason. However, inboxing other users is safer.

Facebook can be most enjoyable when you avoid engaging in negative activity. This includes being conscious of your replies to inappropriate status updates. Refrain from commenting on images that are clearly made for poking fun at others for the sake of being mean. Focus on more meaningful, relevant people, events and images.

Users should keep in mind that on Facebook, as with any other online communication platform, people can be who they want to be instead of who they truly are. Clean up your friend list. Take a break from Facebook for a while or limit the amount of time you use it on a regular basis. Focus on what matters most as Facebook should be only a fraction of your life, not your religion.