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In The Doghouse

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Being in the doghouse is never a good thing. Unless that dog house is a chalet. The ultimate in pooch-pampering, these mutt mansions have suddenly become affordable meaning that, before long, dog kennels will be as important a feature of any garden as a flower bed or the next door neighbour’s football.

Many include their own runs, double bedrooms and even verandas, with some on the higher end of the dog kennel spectrum even offering automated food and water dispensers and temperature controlled dog spas that will ensure the resident is the coolest canine on the block. But for people with more modest tastes, there are a range of pet palaces to suit. However, not everyone wants to be Paris Hilton, and for those who want the upmost comfort for their dogs while ensuring they keep their paws firmly on the ground, there are plenty of options, such as the Burley Tanalised De-Luxe Dog Chalet from ideas-4-pets.

Gimmicky they may be, but most of these new wave of dog kennels are extremely practical too, and designed to be a more aesthetically pleasing answer to a pet’s accommodation needs. Products such as the Burley Dog Chalet provide not only comfort and safety for the animals, but also stylish and unique designs, turning a potential eye sore into architectural artwork and certainly a dinner party conversation starter.

Most importantly of all though, they are a step above ordinary dog kennels in terms of giving the dog its own space, and extraordinary comfort. A warm, safe place where man’s best friend can relax with a bit of peace and quiet. And when they’re this good, most men will be trying to get in their wives’ bad books in the hope that they too will be in the doghouse along with their best friend.