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Cockatiel Life Span - The Many Years In A Cockatiels Life

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Each pet owner has its own considerations when deciding to bring home a pet like the cockatiel. Upon coming to a pet store and getting a cockatiel for a pet, the life span of the pet is always a major consideration. Actually, after knowing the basics and other important information about this animal, knowing how long it can stay alive as a major consideration. So that, cockatiel life span has to be thought-out in picking this wonderful animal.

Cockatiel is from the parrot family and it is the tiniest among the family. It is also called as Wiero and Quarrion. Cockatiels have the capacity to breed easily and are a famous household pet worldwide. In captivity, they come next to the very popular Budgerigar.

Generally, cockatiel life span reaches 20 years or so though the standard is 15 years. Furthermore, some reports say that there were cockatiels which lived for three decades and more and you should be lucky if the one that you got reached or comes close to this age. Like humans, suitable exercise and proper diet are the major determining factors of cockatiel life span.

Species of cockatiels are identified through their distinctive over-head crest. They are sometimes called as smaller cockatoos. They adore staying among scrublands, wet lands and in diverse portions of domestic Australia. More often than not, wild cockatiels are gray colored. The domestic types include silver, lutino, cinnamon, pearl and pied along with varied colors of yellow, peach, orange or white. They can direct their behaviors once feeling sick, terrified or curious by making use of their unique crest.

Cockatiel life span, as said earlier, starts from fifteen to twenty 20 years. It is an unusual count since they can actually survive for 30 years. Being a pet raiser, you want this pet to live longer especially that they bring much entertainment and happiness to you. To be guaranteed of cockatiel life span as well as their happiness, make every effort such as cleaning its cage on a regular basis.

Provide your cockatiel with enough exercise and fresher diet that include veggies and fruits. Should you want to extend your pet cockatiel life span, provide it with companionship and some activities especially because it is a gregarious, smart and a nosy pet. It can be a little wicked sometimes. They love hanging out with their caretakers to the extent of staying in their master's shoulder or head.