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All The Secrets About The Famous Blue Parrots

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There are many different types of blue parrots in the world but perhaps the most popular one is the Blue-crown parrot. They are native to South America as many blue parrots are, more particularly they are most often found in Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil. They are treasured creatures in their native countries where they spend their time deep inside the jungles of the Amazon like so many other breeds of parrots.

Rarely does someone have the opportunity to catch site of these birds, let alone any species of blue parrots, as their numbers are quickly diminishing due to poachers capturing them and selling them on the black market. Blue parrots can fetch a sizable price due to their ability to be quickly trained and kept as an exotic pet.


So how can you tell the difference between male and female blue parrots? Well, blue-crown parrots all contain a white patch around their two eyes and in the male tends to usually have a much larger patch than the female. The other way to tell the difference between sexes is to take a look at the length of the cere feathers. The male also has much longer feathers than the females on this are of their bodies.


The average lifespan of most blue parrots is unknown however they are more than likely to live for up to 40 years, sometimes longer in the wild like most parrots. Why is this? Well most parrots need constant active social interaction which is usually much lower when kept in captivity.

Easy To Train?

That's right most blue parrots are trained very easily and have been well regarded as one of the most intelligent parrot They especially excel in the area of talking and have been know to be able to put together whole sentences which isn't too common among parrots. If you have a blue parrot yourself, you will notice that they can be very affectionate towards their owners. They are also known to be protective at times and unless you are a usual visitor to the home of a blue parrot, you better watch out because they can bite and bite hard!

How Much Do They Cost?

You'll be lucky the purchase a blue parrots for under $300 and if you do, make sure you know where it is coming from as many of these birds are sold on the black market and you may notice that it has just come from the wild. If this happens to you, contact your local conservation center and explain to them what happened. More than likely they will take your parrot and attempt to rehabilitate it.